Bella Hadid and Boyfriend Adan Banuelos Share a Little PDA on NYC Date Night

Bella Hadid was rumored to be in a relationship with Adan Banuelos after the two were seen engaging in PDA last fall.

Before reportedly dating Banuelos, Hadid was in a long-term relationship with art director Marc Kalman. They dated for two years before ultimately breaking up in spring of 2023.

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As of February 2024, the couple is Instagram official. Ahead is everything to know about Banuelos, as well as a full timeline of his relationship with Hadid.

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Hadid hard-launched her relationship with Banuelos on Valentine’s Day.

On Feb. 14, 2024, Hadid made her relationship with Banuelos as official as it gets on Instagram. She posted a picture to her Instagram Story of her standing on a fence looking into his eyes as he sat on a horse. His arm was reaching out to rest on her leg.

“My valentine💌💋,” she captioned the photo.

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Hadid posted a photo dump including Banuelos in January 2024.

On January 24, Hadid posted a series of photos to Instagram from her latest equestrian competition. One of the pictures showed Hadid and Banuelos holding hands and smiling at each other.

“Never stop trying new things. I feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning in life. ❤️,” she wrote in the caption of the carousel.

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Banuelos and Hadid were first rumored to be a couple back in October 2023.

On October 17, TMZ obtained photographs of Hadid and Banuelos holding hands and kissing. Onlookers said that the couple seemed very happy together.

Hadid dressed the part for a date night with Banuelos at the rodeo in March 2024.

On March 8, 2024, Hadid supported Banuelos at a rodeo event called the American Performance Horseman by Teton Ridge held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The model dressed for the part, wearing a black cowboy hat and matching leather pants with a beaded top. She left her hair down in loose waves under the hat.

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At one point, she and Banuelos shared a sweet embrace in the stands.

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He accompanied her to her Orebella launch event in May 2024.

On Friday, May 3, Hadid left the Bowery Hotel with Banuelos in New York City, heading to her Orebella launch event. The model was wearing a stunning green and yellow vintage Roberto Cavalli dress with a plunging neckline and flowing skirt. Banuelos accompanied her wearing blue jeans, a black button down, and a black cowboy hat. He was sporting a pair of blue leather cowboy boots and a brown belt with an oversized gold buckle.

They were seen again after Hadid changed into a more casual black leather jacket with matching pants and a white T-shirt. Banuelos could be seen clutching Hadid's hand and holding her close to his side as they navigated the city streets.

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Hadid is reportedly living in Texas close to Banuelos now.

TMZ reported in March 2024 that the model had purchased property in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Multiple sources told the outlet that Hadid is living in Texas more often than not and that she and Banuelos split time between their properties. They said that Hadid has “gone full cowgirl now” in her new home.

For Banuelos’ birthday in April 2024, Hadid gave him a big Instagram Story tribute.

Hadid marked Banuelos’ big day with an intimate look inside their relationship. “Happy birthday, my love,” she captioned her first Instagram Story in the series.

bella hadid's birthday tribute to her boyfriend
bella hadid's birthday tribute to her boyfriend
bella hadid's birthday tribute to her boyfriend
bella hadid's birthday tribute to her boyfriend
bella hadid's birthday tribute to her boyfriend

Hadid is Banuelos’ #1 fan.

On Tuesday, March 26, Hadid posted a dump to her Instagram dedicated to her cowboy boyfriend. In the carousel, which she opened up with a stunning selfie, she included a video of a celebratory Banuelos popping a bottle of champagne and drinking it out out the trophy that he had just won.

“Leader of the fan club 🏆🤎,” she wrote in the caption.

Banuelos is a cowboy.

Banuelos is a Mexican-American cowboy and horse trainer. In 2017, he was inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Riders Hall of Fame at the ripe age of 28, making him one of the youngest members. His father, Ascencion Banuelos, another renowned cowboy, was also given the same honor.

According to his website, Banuelos “has already amassed over five million dollars in earnings aboard a horse. He is the future of the performance horse industry and a teacher to the younger generation of equine enthusiasts.”

Banuelos received the title of #1 NCHA leading open rider in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Banuelos is actually Hadid’s riding coach.

It is unknown if this is how they initially met, but Banuelos is indeed Hadid’s coach. In an Instagram Reel on Jan. 23, 2024, Banuelos shared a video of Hadid and her horse in action. At the end of the video are some photos of the couple smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes before hugging.

“Proud of our girl ✨ Bella and #MetallicTito taking home 3rd place at their first show out! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this duo...,” he wrote in the caption.

“❤️So proud of my baby girl and her coach😜, awesome ride!” Hadid’s mother Yolanda commented.

Banuelos is 35 years old.

Born on April 8, 1989, Banuelos is an Aires. Hadid, 27, was born on Oct. 9, 1996, making her a Libra. According to the AstroTwins, Libras and Aries can make for a fiery astrological pairing.

“You’re opposite signs who can match up well, but you sometimes baffle one another, too. Aries rules the self and Libra rules relationships. Libra is a lover; Aries is a fighter. Your polar extremes can be a great complement if you borrow what the other does best,” they wrote for

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