TV tonight: Adrien Brody stars in second season of big LA Lakers drama

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

9pm, Sky Atlantic

The drama evoking the sights, sounds and sensations of early-80s America via the medium of basketball returns for a second season. It’s 1984 and the Lakers are established as a brutally efficient winning machine. We flash back to 1980 when Magic Johnson (Quincy Isaiah) is getting his first huge paycheck. Adrien Brody brings abrasive coach Pat Riley to life in his usual, never knowingly understated style. Phil Harrison

A Cotswold Farmshop

8pm, Channel 4

Gloucester service station is one of few that deserves to be regarded as a destination rather than a convenient stop-off. Its shelves are stacked with produce from local food producers and artisan crafters. This wholesome series meets some of the people behind the exceptional fare it sells – including rare-breed cheesemaker Jonathan Crump. PH


9pm, BBC One

Three episodes in and it’s still hard to know what this cold-case/horror mashup is trying to do. As the captors of a posh family move from threatening to just annoying, DI Caffery (Ukweli Roach) replays the “donkey pitch” murder interviews: five years ago, the local teens weren’t terribly helpful. Jack Seale


9pm, BBC Two

Chris Packham has done a good job of bringing some impenetrable subject matter to life in this expansive series about the the origins of this planet. This week, he is gazing skywards, tracking the atmosphere’s journey from “a toxic orange hell” to distinct ecosystem in its own right. PH

The Child Snatcher: Manhunt

9pm, Channel 5

This harrowing two-parter explores a case from the 80s where attempts to catch a paedophile serial killer were bedevilled by antiquated policing systems, a lack of CCTV and the absence of modern computers. Robert Black was eventually convicted of three murders in 1994. Could a more functional investigation have saved any of the victims’ lives? PH

Dreaming Whilst Black

10pm, BBC Three

Kwabena (played by series co-creator Adjani Salmon) is continuing to tiptoe through the snakepit that is the British film and TV industry when a big-time Bafta-winning producer shows interest in his Jamaica Road script. Sure, he probably won’t get paid, but at least he has something impressive to tell his girlfriend’s “boujie” mates. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Hell Drivers (Cy Endfield, 1957), 12.20pm, Talking Pictures TV

This hardest of hardboiled British thrillers has Stanley Baker as ex-con lorry driver Tom Yately racing a crew of other riders (Sean Connery, Sid James, Gordon Jackson and Patrick McGoohan among them) over dangerous roads in 10-tonne trucks. Naturally, righteous Stanley tangles with McGoohan’s crooked crew leader and waltzes off with office girl Lucy (Peggy Cummins, who achieved retrospective noir immortality with Gun Crazy). Baker would make another great “hell” film – Hell is a City – in 1960. Andrew Pulver

Live sport

Women’s World Cup Football England v Nigeria, 8am, BBC One The Lionesses enter the knockout stages.