TV tonight: behind the scenes of a new comedy-horror musical set in Victorian London

Otto Baxter: Not a F***ing Horror Story

9pm, Sky Documentaries

Otto Baxter has spent his whole life in front of the camera. Now, at 35, he’s making his own documentary to tell the story of growing up with Down’s syndrome exactly how he wants to. It follows him as he writes and directs an autobiographical comedy-horror musical set in Victorian London (which follows at 10pm), helped by his film-maker friends Bruce Fletcher and Peter Beard. A fresh, touching and very funny watch. Hollie Richardson

Strictly Come Dancing

6.15pm, BBC One

Bobby and Dianne, Les and Nancy, and Annabel and Johannes are some of the 15 couples taking to the dancefloor for the first time this week. There is no public vote, but the judges’ scores will be carried over to next week, when viewers can vote for their favourites. HR

A Royal Guide to: Parenting

7.35pm, Channel 4

Do royal parents change nappies? Dish out Calpol? Worry about the cost of childcare? One suspects not, but this royal-watching series is here to inform us on every aspect of their parenting experience, from the vexed choice of birth announcement calligraphy right through to when the nanny takes over. Ellen E Jones

Black Snow

9pm, BBC Four

Still very piercing of eye and scratchy of beard, ex-Vikings star Travis Fimmel returns to his native Oz for this moody, moreish thriller. In a rural town, the excavation of a 1994 time capsule casts new light on a schoolgirl’s unsolved murder; the opening double bill sees Fimmel’s twitchy city cop insist on tackling the case. Graeme Virtue

Bali 2002

10.40pm, ITV1

It’s the penultimate episode of the intense drama about the 2002 nightclub attacks, and Australian and Indonesian investigators are working to track down the perpetrators. Meanwhile, we see the enduring trauma of the injured survivors as they try to continue their lives as normal. HR

Kylie at the BBC

11.15pm, BBC Two

Following her Radio 2 in the Park set at 10.05pm, here is a compendium of Kylie Minogue’s best Beeb performances, spanning the poppy 80s, the cooler 90s and 00s, and later appearances as a beloved, ageless veteran. Robbie Williams, Nick Cave and Jason Donovan are among her collaborators. Jack Seale

Film choice

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, 10.05am, 3.50pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On on Sky Cinema Premiere.
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On on Sky Cinema Premiere. Photograph: Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

In the early 2010s, Dean Fleischer Camp and Jenny Slate made three short animated mockumentaries about an inch-tall, part-shell person – a surreal mix of The Borrowers and Creature Comforts. This delightful feature-length reboot retains the interview format, as Fleischer Camp’s film-maker questions the resourceful Marcel (voiced by Slate) about his life in an Airbnb with his Nana (Isabella Rossellini). A narrative develops about their YouTube chats going viral and the hunt for lost family members – but the real joy is to spend time with Marcel, who travels by tennis ball, sleeps between two pieces of bread and has a pet piece of lint called Alan. Simon Wardell

Evil Dead Rise, Netflix

The saga about demonic forces and the young fools who summon them returns with familiar horrors, but Lee Cronin’s new instalment makes the most of its female focus and claustrophobic urban location. Lily Sullivan plays Beth, who visits her single-mum sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and children in a rundown LA apartment block. An earthquake knocks out the power but unearths a book and vinyl records containing dark spells, which inevitably leads to possession and a good deal of blackly comic gruesomeness. An inventive addition to the bloody canon. SW

Accused, Netflix

This zeitgeisty film from Boiling Point director Philip Barantini takes the knee-jerk reactions of social media and the racist undercurrents in terrorism cases and compresses them into an extremely tense home-invasion thriller. En route to dogsit at his parents’ house in the countryside, Harri (Chaneil Kular from Sex Education) passes through a London train station just before a bomb attack. Unfortunately, he resembles a CCTV screengrab of a suspect, and an online witchhunt kicks off, putting his life in danger. Worryingly believable. SW

Live sport

Golf: Solheim Cup, 8am, Sky Sports Main Event Day two of the women’s team competition in Andalucia, Spain, with Charley Hull one of Team Europe’s leading lights.

International One Day Cricket: England v Ireland, 10.30am, Sky Sports Cricket The second match of the series.

Cycling: European Championships, 12.30pm, Eurosport 1 The women’s road race around Drenthe, Netherlands.

Rugby Union World Cup: England v Chile, 3.55pm, ITV1 South Africa v Ireland is at 7.15pm.

Premier League Football: Burnley v Man United, 7pm, TNT Sports 1 Preceded by Brentford v Everton at 5pm on Sky Sports Main Event.