TV tonight: Big Zuu makes a joyous pilgrimage

<span>Big Zuu Goes to Mecca on BBC Two</span><span>Photograph: Acme Tv/acme tv</span>
Big Zuu Goes to Mecca on BBC TwoPhotograph: Acme Tv/acme tv

Big Zuu Goes to Mecca

9pm, BBC Two

A lovely, completely candid and very funny journey with the TV chef and rapper, as he reconciles his Muslim religion with the western way of living he enjoys, and decides to take the pilgrimage of Umrah. “This ain’t no fake religion documentary where I’m pretending to be some great Muslim,” he tells his mum as they talk about it properly for the first time. “But I’m at a point in my life where I do believe in Islam and I do follow the religion and I want to do more.” Hollie Richardson


7pm, BBC One

A thrilling dive into the waters this week, and even David Attenborough’s crew are stunned to see a sperm whale swim past them in the deep sea. In central Canada, a star-nosed mole’s tunnels have flooded – but he can only hold his breath for 30 seconds before drowning. HR

The Great British Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer

7.40pm, Channel 4

A final batch of famous people tiptoe into the tent: Heartstopper star Joe Locke and Radio 2 stalwart Sara Cox compete against the musician, broadcaster and now crime author Rev Richard Coles, along with comedian Adam Hills. After a pastry-heavy technical round, the showstopper challenge is to make another celeb out of cake. Jack Seale

Midsomer Murders

8pm, ITV1

The long-running rural whodunnit resumes its 23rd season with a 21st-century locked-room mystery (sort of): who lured a survivalist to his secure bunker before reversing the air supply? There are various rival preppers to grill but the real joys are in the margins, such as veteran pathologist Fleur hinting at her rock groupie past. Graeme Virtue

This Town

9pm, BBC One

A glimmer of hope is fully formed in Steven Knight’s depressing 80s Birmingham drama this week, as the band finally find a warehouse to start making some music in. Elsewhere, troubles deepen, as Bardon worries more about his dad’s actions, Estella hits a new low and Gregory tries his best to protect Dante and Bardon. HR


9pm, Channel 4

The first rule of fugitive life: no contact with friends or family. The second rule of fugitive life: never leave a paper trail. Both are broken this week, with predictable consequences. Evading the surveillance state – embodied in the beady-eyed form of assistant chief constable Lisa Theaker – isn’t supposed to be easy. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Free Solo, 10pm, BBC Two

A stupendous, vertiginous profile of climber Alex Honnold, following him as he attempts the first ascent of a route on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California without the aid of ropes or other protective equipment. It is an endeavour that requires long, meticulous planning, because any mistake could be fatal. It’s also a fraught process for the directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, who face the prospect of shooting the likable, reserved Honnold’s death. Yosemite’s stunning natural beauty contrasts with sweaty danger to nerve-jangling effect. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Women’s FA Cup Football: Tottenham v Leicester, 11.30am, BBC Two
Followed by Man Utd v Chelsea at 2.20pm on BBC One.

Premier League Football: Liverpool v Crystal Palace, 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event Arsenal v Aston Villa is at 4pm.

Champions Cup Rugby Union: Toulouse v Exeter Chiefs, 2.30pm, ITV1/TNT Sports 1 The final quarter-final.

Challenge Cup Rugby League: St Helens v Warrington Wolves, 4.15pm, BBC Two More league quarter-final action.