TV tonight: an explosive finale for Vicky McClure in Trigger Point

<span>Vicky McClure in Trigger Point on ITV1. </span><span>Photograph: ITV</span>
Vicky McClure in Trigger Point on ITV1. Photograph: ITV

Trigger Point

9pm, ITV1

Tension escalates in the final episode as Vicky McClure’s bomb disposal officer Lana discovers she’s a deadly cog in the terrorists’ next outrage – with law and order firmly in the crosshairs. And there’s a terrible dilemma: save as many lives as possible – or only those closest to her. “You just have to choose.” Ali Catterall

Frankenstein: The Read With Alex Kingston

7.55pm, BBC Four

The excellent Alex Kingston does plenty of heavy lifting in this one-person performance of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror classic. Moving from dusty libraries to gloomy courtyards, Kingston does a fine job of reanimating this monstrous tale of a young scientist and his dubious (and costly) taste for reanimating corpses. Phil Harrison

Call the Midwife

8pm, BBC One

Bonfire night looms in Poplar but this being the season finale there will be waterworks as well as fireworks. Past secrets arrive on the doorstep of prim Miss Higgins, while Trixie’s recent stresses also threaten to boil over. In happier news, the mother of the year contest is in full swing. First prize: a fully automatic washing machine. Graeme Virtue

Secret World of Sound With David Attenborough

8pm, Sky Nature

This immaculately recorded series exploring the unique sounds of nature is a sensory delight. The odd selection of noises in this episode revolve around attracting mates and repelling rivals. These include the clattering antlers of rutting stags, the peculiar droning noise emitted by midshipman fish in romantic moments and, most bizarrely of all, the sharp-tailed grouse which, via foot-stamping and feather-rustling, constructs polyrhythmic symphonies. PH

Death in Paradise

9pm, BBC One

Jocelyn receives an exciting offer, but what will that mean for big brother Marlon’s (Tahj Miles) future with the island police force? All such decisions must wait, however, when Marlon is called to a murder scene, and the only witness is a parrot. Meanwhile, is it time for Neville (Ralf Little) to admit he’s been catfished? Ellen E Jones

The Dry

10.15pm, ITV1

It is the final pair of episodes of this perfectly pitched series about a recovering alcoholic returning to her family in Dublin. It captures both the warmth and exquisite torment of family life – highlights include a delightfully awkward scene in which Tom calls Max on Ant’s behalf and arranges a date. PH

Film choice

True Things, 10.45pm, BBC Two

As fun as erotic thrillers are, it’s a sad fact that until recently none were set in Ramsgate. This all changes with True Things, in which Ruth Wilson – bored to tears by her job in a local benefits office – falls under the spell of Tom Burke’s mysterious stranger. Wilson’s interest curdles into obsession, and she disintegrates further with every tryst. Barring the sheer incongruity of seeing Wilson’s full-beam moviestar wattage try to pass itself off as normal (not even a supermarket sandwich can dent her glamour) this is a probing look at the dark side of female desire. Stuart Heritage

Live sport

Women’s Super League Football Arsenal v Tottenham, 12.15pm, BBC Two London derby at Emirates Stadium. Followed by Leicester v Chelsea at 6pm on Sky Sports Main Event.

Premier League Football: Man City v Man United, 3pm, Sky Sports Main Event Preceded by Burnley v Bournemouth at 1pm.