TV tonight: ghoulish goings-on in the final series of Ghosts


8.30pm, BBC One

It is time to say goodbye to Kitty, Julian, Pat and the ghoulish gang, as the last season of the smash-hit sitcom begins. In the first of six episodes (all available on iPlayer now), Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) need to find other ways to keep Button House going after the gatehouse fire. But – much to our entertainment – Alison is far too distracted by trying to pull an April Fools’ Day prank. Hollie Richardson

Gardeners’ World

9pm, BBC Two

It’s time for Monty Don to harvest apples this week (all thoughts immediately turn to crumble, pudding and pie). He also shares his tips on what to do with windfalls and how to plant a container for winter insects. Elsewhere, Adam Frost visits a garden designer who has overcome extreme weather conditions. HR


9pm, Sky Atlantic

As the final season of this drama set in the amoral world of the ultra-rich approaches the endgame, its political dimension has made it all the more chilling. Could the appalling Michael Prince (Corey Stoll) really become president? This week, Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) shows how far he will go to stop that from happening. Meanwhile, Wendy spies an escape route. Phil Harrison


10pm, Sky Max

Wagons east! With their counterfeit dosh attracting too much heat on the streets of 1870s San Francisco, the Hop Wei gang plan to strike a deal with a rapacious German mining operation farther inland. But can heroic hatchet man Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) turn a blind eye to the exploited Chinese workforce? Hell no. Graeme Virtue

Drift: Partners in Crime

10.10pm, Sky Atlantic

It’s the finale of the German thriller about two reunited cop brothers who uncover a conspiracy and have to constantly evade bad guys, usually by driving quickly. As Ali (Ken Duken) and Leo (Fabian Busch) come under suspicion, an investigative journalist becomes the target of a mafia assassin and a grand showdown beckons. Jack Seale

The Graham Norton Show

10.40pm, BBC One

Elton John’s partner in pop, Bernie Taupin, joins Norton for a rare interview to discuss his new memoir this week. Also squeezing on to the sofa are Top Boy’s Ashley Walters, comedian Bill Bailey and soon-to-be West End star Catherine Tate. French popster Christine and the Queens provides the music. HR

Film choice

Fair Play (Chloe Domont, 2023), Netflix

A searing portrait of male entitlement, Chloe Domont’s drama starts out as a sweet workplace romance then shifts into increasingly traumatic territory. Phoebe Dynevor’s Emily is secretly in a relationship with Luke (Alden Ehrenreich), her less talented colleague at a high-pressure US financial firm. When she gets promoted to being his boss – a position he assumed was his for the taking – their bond begins to fray. The distance between them increases scene by scene, as Luke tries, and fails, to be more assertive at work and Emily struggles to prove she isn’t a token hire. Sexism and victim-shaming are dissected in an intense, thought-provoking film. Simon Wardell

The Fugitive (Andrew Davis, 1993), 10pm, Channel 5
One of Harrison Ford’s finest hours, this propulsive reworking of the 1960s TV series showcases his A-list ability to combine a believable character with a preposterous plot. He plays Dr Richard Kimble, wrongly accused of his wife’s murder at home, who flees a prison van and goes on the run to search for the one-armed man responsible – uncovering a wider conspiracy in the process. Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar as the US marshal on his tail and proves a steady anchor for the action swirling around him. SW