TV tonight: how Kae Tempest became the voice of a generation

Being Kae Tempest

9pm, BBC Two

When Jay-Z popped backstage to praise Kae Tempest and play them some new tracks, all Tempest could think was: “Beyoncé calls you on that phone!” It was a sign that – after years of open mic and nightbus performances – the now-renowned London spoken-word artist had made it. In this personal documentary, they speak about becoming the voice of a generation, with plenty of footage from the early days proving how they deserve that title. Hollie Richardson

The Secret Genius of Modern Life

8pm, BBC Two

Did you know that the story of your smartphone starts with 30s comic book hero Dick Tracy? Neither did anyone except Prof Hannah Fry. She fills us in, explaining how the tale also spans a massive commercial blunder in the 70s and South Korean sausages in the 00s. HR

The Murder of Lyn Dawson

9pm, Sky Crime

This four-part documentary follows a murder case involving a famous rugby league player, an affair with a babysitter and a supposed “runaway mother”. Lyn Dawson’s daughter is one of the interviewees who explains what really happened when her mother reportedly “abandoned” her family in 1982. HR

Dispatches: Secrets and Power – China in the UK

10pm, Channel 4

While no details are being shared in advance, this Dispatches investigation is set to be another startling one, digging into China’s relationship with the UK, including allegations about the treatment of dissidents and critics. HR

Such Brave Girls

10pm, BBC Three

Kat Sadler’s unapologetically frank sitcom about a mother and her two daughters, all three of them unstable and selfish in their own ways, continues to provide cringeworthy laughs from a still-too-rare female perspective. A second taboo-smashing double bill features a bad birthday dinner and an ill-fated visit to the woods. HR

The Lazarus Project

10pm, Sky Max

Season two of the rollicking time-travel thriller continues. As the global Groundhog Day loop threatens to degrade into destruction, George is rescued by an unexpected ally with key intel. On the other side of the world, agents Archie and Zhang raid a research lab. But is the spark between them just Zhang’s stun gun, or something more? Graeme Virtue