TV tonight: it’s Peaky Blinders week on Bring The Drama

<span>Caps on … Delasi, Janice, Chris and George on Bring the Drama.</span><span>Photograph: Dave King/BBC/Wall To Wall</span>
Caps on … Delasi, Janice, Chris and George on Bring the Drama.Photograph: Dave King/BBC/Wall To Wall

Bring the Drama

9pm, BBC Two

“I’m looking forward to smacking someone in the face, yeah!” It’s Peaky Blinders week in Bill Bailey’s strangely engrossing acting competition – and 67-year-old Janice isn’t the only one ready to give their best Shelby. In fact, there are real tears when one actor misses out on playing Tommy. The teams head to Birmingham to film a scene, with the help of guest star Charlene McKenna. But which will be the best? Hollie Richardson

Landscape Artist of the Year 2024

8pm, Sky Arts

Monica, Christina and Denise are the three finalists ready to battle it out over blank canvases in Covent Garden. Who will best capture the bustling piazza, tapestry of rooftops and London’s landmarks? Stay tuned to see the winning artist complete their £10k commission from the Science Museum. HR

Air Fryers: The Easy Way to Lose Weight

9pm, Channel 5

“Air fryers” seems to have become a TV genre of its own in recent times – and here’s the latest for anyone who still needs convincing to get one. Alexis Conran focuses on low-calorie recipes with help from the author of The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook, Clare Andrews. HR

Domino Day

9pm, BBC Three

A romantic date turns deeper, as Domino (Siena Kelly) and Leon (Percelle Ascott) bond over their childhood trauma. But the path of true love never did run smooth – especially not for witches. Before long, Domino is drawn into battle with Esme and her ally Silas (Sam Howard-Sneyd), who clearly still has feelings for his ex. Ellen E Jones

Alice & Jack

10pm, Channel 4

Alice is to be artificially inseminated (“God, what a colossal waste of money, we could have gone to Borneo”), in the penultimate episode. It also means the opportunity to have a quick one with ever-willing Jack on the insemination table. But then, a terrible twist, prefaced by the words: “It’s not the baby. It’s you.” Ali Catterall

Claire Bloom Remembers Anna Karenina

10pm, BBC Four

Ahead of a rare screening of the BBC’s 1961 adaptation of Tolstoy’s epic, Claire Bloom, who played Anna Karenina, recalls bringing the novel to the small screen. She shares the challenges involved and her memories of acting alongside Sean Connery. HR

Live sport

FA Cup Football: Nottingham Forest v Man United 7.30pm, BBC One. A fifth-round tie at the City Ground. Liverpool v Southampton is on ITV1.