TV tonight: a remarkable tale of conjoined twins

<span>Remarkable story … Marieme, Ndeye and their father Ibrahima Ndiaye in Inseparable Sisters (BBC One)</span><span>Photograph: Nick Hartley/BBC Cymru Wales</span>
Remarkable story … Marieme, Ndeye and their father Ibrahima Ndiaye in Inseparable Sisters (BBC One)Photograph: Nick Hartley/BBC Cymru Wales

Inseparable Sisters

10.40pm, BBC One

“I will not pretend that this is easy,” says Ibrahima Ndiaye of his conjoined twin daughters, Marieme and Ndeye. He made the huge decision not to separate them as newborns, having faced the prospect of losing the weaker of the pair if doctors operated and a low life expectancy for both if they didn’t. “But it’s a huge blessing.” Love oozes out of this documentary that tells the girls’ remarkable story as they turn seven – an age Ndiaye was told they would not reach. Hollie Richardson

Landscape Artist of the Year 2024

8pm, Sky Arts

This time stationed in the stunning New Forest, our semi-finalists find themselves tasked with depicting one of the “strangest” views ever seen on the show: the soft landscape of Buckler’s Hard, a hamlet on the banks of the Beaulieu River. Who will emerge victorious? It’s amazing how tense things can become in a lovely show about painting. Kayleigh Dray

Bring the Drama

9pm, BBC Two

Is there anything more capable of making you squirm in your seat with secondhand embarrassment than watching amateur actors muck up auditions? Nope. Yet everybody in Bill Bailey’s acting competition is a sweetheart worth rooting for. This week, they take on Silent Witness. HR

Alice & Jack

9pm, Channel 4

Utterly committed performances from Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson power this fraught drama about the emotional revelations and roadblocks of a knotty long-term relationship. This week, the story picks up two years after their last liaison, with single dad Jack receiving a bombshell in the post. Continues on Thursday. Graeme Virtue

Too Good to Be True

9pm, Channel 5

“Is there anything more romantic than a trip to a remote cabin?” asked no horror fan ever. Rachel, however, is over the moon when Elliot spirits her and Liam away to his incredibly off-grid holiday home – until, that is, she begins to suspect that someone is watching them from the surrounding woods. KD

Domino Day

9pm, BBC Three

As the line between magic and chaos becomes increasingly blurred, a terrified Domino finally realises she can’t shoulder her powers alone and reaches out to the coven with an unexpected request. If only there wasn’t someone working against our eponymous antihero, eh? KD

Film choice

Official Secrets (Gavin Hood, 2019), 11.20pm, BBC One
Gavin Hood’s fact-based drama about Katharine Gun – the GCHQ linguist and whistleblower who exposed an illegal US/UK spy network in the lead-up to the Iraq war – is a searing, angry film that grows and grows in urgency to the point where you’re left gasping for breath at the injustice of it all. Keira Knightley as Gun has never been better, plus the film boasts stellar performances from Ralph Fiennes, Matthew Goode, Matt Smith, Indira Varma and Rhys Ifan, among many others. Stuart Heritage

Live sport

Champions League football: Porto v Arsenal 7pm, TNT Sports 1. The last-16, first-leg tie.