TV tonight: serial killer drama We Hunt Together gets murkier by the minute

We Hunt Together

10.40pm, BBC One

The murky crime drama about a chalk-and-cheese detective duo chasing a serial killer couple continues. As Baba (Dipo Ola) and Freddy (Hermione Corfield) head to the country to bury a body, a local resident comes to say hello – big mistake, pal, even if Baba has vowed not to kill again. Meanwhile, back in London, Lola (Eve Myles) and Jackson (Babou Ceesay) are questioning people about Freddy. Hollie Richardson

Supermarkets Unwrapped: The Vegan Aisle

8pm, Channel 4

There’s something comforting about watching other people browse the supermarket aisles, so this trip to vegan paradise is just what you need on a Monday. Kate Quilton milks an oat, Helen Lawal investigates Tesco’s plant-based burgers and Briony May Williams cooks vegan quiche. Hannah Verdier

Long Lost Family

9pm, ITV

Another emotional instalment of the series that reunites relatives separated by estrangement or adoption. Sara’s search for her birth family results in a complex but welcome revelation, while Nicky Campbell jets off to the US for a very surprising reunion between a mother and the son she hasn’t seen in almost 60 years. Hannah J Davies

The Righteous Gemstones
10pm, Sky Comedy

It’s flashback time for Danny McBride’s brilliantly acidic comedy about a family of grasping US televangelists. The year is 2000, and while the Gemstone kids muck about with a monster truck, patriarch Eli (John Goodman) and a pre-prison Peter (Steve Zahn) fall out over a failed scheme to sell “Y2K survival buckets”. Graeme Virtue

Wonders of the World I Can’t See

10pm, Channel 4

Blind comedian Chris McCausland’s odyssey through some of the world’s most striking tourist hotspots ends at Niagara Falls (“it’s a lot of water tumbling over an edge,” he says). This time, Liza Tarbuck is his companion, with poutine and whitewater rapids on their agenda. Katie Rosseinsky

Dr Death

11.05pm, Channel 4

The sinister medical series based on true events from the hit podcast of the same name continues. Dodgy Dr Duntsch (Joshua Jackson) moves to Texas to set up a private practice and is recruited by a top US hospital – but his downfall is surely imminent … right? HR