TV tonight: Stanley Tucci and David Tennant star in Steven Moffat’s thrilling new drama

Inside Man

9pm, BBC One

Only Stanley Tucci could pull off playing a “death row detective” or “crime-solving wife-killer” with such chilling charisma in this thrilling four-part drama by Steven Moffat. While locked up in the US, Grieff (Tucci) is called on by journalist Beth (Lydia West) to help work out what has happened to her maths tutor friend Janice (Dolly Wells). Caught in the middle of this is Harry (David Tennant), the vicar of a small English parish. Hollie Richardson

Trouble at Topshop

9pm, BBC Two

How did Topshop become one of Britain’s most pioneering high-street fashion brands, only to close down in 2021? This two-part documentary interviews staff and uses archive footage – as well as lots of detail about Philip Green’s work practices – to explore its huge appeal, and how it came crashing down from such heights. Alexi Duggins

The Suspect

9pm, ITV

The often preposterous but always gripping thriller reaches its conclusion – and it’s time for answers. Is murder suspect Dr Joe O’Loughlin (Aidan Turner) the victim of a carefully crafted stitch-up, or is he just a wrong’un? With new evidence linking a spate of revenge killings to his patient Bobby, Joe hopes he can convince DI Ruiz that he’s innocent. Katie Rosseinsky

House of the Dragon

9pm, Sky Atlantic

Ten years have passed in tonight’s episode, and the “older” actors join the ranks. Emma D’Arcy is Rhaenyra, now playing happy families, while Olivia Cooke is a much more cunning and cold Alicent. Thankfully, Daemon remains his same old tantalising self, still played by Matt Smith. HR


10pm, BBC Two

After being postponed, Dylan Moran’s comedy finally starts with a double bill tonight. Told in snappy 15-minute episodes, it focuses on Dan (Moran) and Carla (Morgana Robinson), a couple who are at a crossroads in their relationship. HR


10pm, BBC Three

After quitting his job, Liam is asked to give an inspirational careers talk at his old school. Cue flashbacks to the run-up to his dreaded University of Cambridge entrance interview – involving an excellent Sugababes reference. Steve Pemberton’s guest appearance seals this show’s position as a top-tier comedy. HR

Live sport

International football: England v Germany, 7pm, Channel 4

The Uefa Nations League Group A3 fixture at Wembley Stadium