TV tonight: tissues at the ready for a very weepy visit to Woodgreen animal centre

<span>Photograph: Tristan Mayer</span>
Photograph: Tristan Mayer

The Dog House at Christmas

8pm, Channel 4

Tissues at the ready for this festive special of the rehoming show filmed at a Woodgreen animal centre. “Never had a blind date with a dog before,” says Lynne (above), a 62-year-old nurse whose kids have left home. “Can’t be any worse than a two-legged one.” (Unless, she adds, it’s Gerard Butler.) But will the west highland terrier Jock click with her? Elsewhere, little Elena wants a doggy friend because she feels left out by her older twin brothers – might a shih‑tzu called Lexi cure her loneliness? Hollie Richardson

Tony Robinson’s Marvellous Machines

8pm, Yesterday

In the last in the series, the ever-engaging Tony Robinson dons his “Neo from The Matrix” shades and bounces energetically between practical demonstrations, like a proton in the Large Hadron Collider. It is particularly exciting stuff; the innovations of the green revolution include a sunlight-powered aeroplane and a hydrogen car. Ellen E Jones

Louis Theroux Interviews

9pm, BBC Two

“Who shot Sully?” Top Boy fans aren’t afraid to shout their questions about the finale to Ashley Walters as he walks through Hackney with Louis Theroux. In another fascinating tête-à-tête, theThe presenter gets Walters to open up about his time in prison, alcohol addiction, recovery and becoming a grandfather at 38. HR

Dispatches: Less for More – The Truth About Food Prices

9pm, Channel 4

Ah, those lovely, altruistic supermarkets. They would never do something like squeeze inflated profits out of customers … wait a minute! Harry Wallop looks at price hikes on budget products, expensive ingredients being replaced with cheap alternatives – and some chains’ increasing profits. Merry Christmas! Alexi Duggins

Live at the Apollo

9.45pm, BBC Two

Stephen Bailey, the “little gay boy from a council estate in Manchester”, is a fabulously funny host for this series’ penultimate comedy-fest. He introduces the energetic Mexican-American Lara Ricote, who is followed by Britain’s Glenn Moore in a cardigan, shirt and tie. HR

Secrets of the Aquarium

8pm, BBC Two

Friday the gregarious green sea turtle has been the headline act for visitors during this behind-the-scenes series – but his naughty biting habit has been a nightmare for staff. Will he finally learn to behave? Elsewhere, an octopus arrives from Portugal and a shark cage is installed. HR

Film choice

Asteroid City (Wes Anderson, 2023), Prime Video
Wes Anderson’s style has become more well known than his movies, with Instagram accounts and fan films riffing gleefully on his colour-coordinated sets and deadpan comic characters. His new feature won’t disappoint in that respect, as a 1950s town in the US desert plays host to a Junior Stargazer convention. Attenders include Jason Schwartzman’s widowed war photographer, Scarlett Johansson’s film star and their respective offspring – plus a very unexpected visitor. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Champions League football: Man United v Bayern Munich, 7pm, TNT Sports 1 Preceded at 5pm by PSV Eindhoven v Arsenal on TNT Sports 2.