TV’s Best Mothers

Mothers. Everyone has one. Insane, funny, sweary and everything in between. They iron your clothes, take you to school, teach you right from wrong and forget your name.

In honor of mother’s day, I’m listing some of my favorite TV mothers in-between making mother’s day lunch and mother’s day dessert.

Lois Wilkerson (from Malcom In The Middle)


Lois was one of my favorite over-bearing mothers on TV. Always right, never wrong. She had big plans for Malcolm as her two other sons were a dud and Dewey was an unknown musical genius. Of course Reese also had an artistic natural talent for cookery which were scene stealers every time but he wasn’t Malcolm. She found EVERYTHING. She knew EVERYTHING. She sussed EVERYTHING. Lord knows how.
Would probably be found: In the grocery store, yelling at her kids whilst expertly finding coupon deals all around her and telling another mother to control her kids.

Catelyn Stark (nee Tully)


Heck yes you will kill them all or die trying…as she did…and her son did. The Lady of Winterfell had it all. Guts. Passion. Motherly love. Whether you’ve only read the books, only watch the TV show or have done both, it goes without saying that Catelyn is the kind of mother you want. When she says kill, you say how many. What a mum.
Would probably be found: Plotting to kill someone whilst watching Bran and Sansa tease each other.

Lois Griffin


She swears in abundance. Who can blame her when she has to sleep next to Peter Griffin every night. Nobody quite knows just how she can be married to someone whose intelligence is on par with Homer Simpson (yes we know). She can be hilarious especially when drunk. She made a porno can’t get more risqué than that. She’s the ying to Peter’s yang and she knows how to fight. Nice.
Would probably be found: Drunkenly singing ‘I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar)’ in a bar downtown

Claire Dunphy


The reason why I think Claire is one of the best TV mothers is because she’s actually kind of realistic. She’s flawed to the point of angering you, she likes to be right, she’s hopeless sometimes to the point of lost, she had wild WILD teenage years but is still loving. Jealous, intrusive, embarrassing. Realistic.
Would probably be found: Slyly asking Manny how much weight his mother Gloria has gained.

Joy Turner


Yes. One of these best TV mothers! Hilarious, stubborn, vain and adulterous. She was one of the best characters in this entire show. My Name is Earl wasn’t actually a bad show. It used to be on E4 and made me laugh a lot. Between her plots to get Earl’s money, her mothering skills or her love for Darnell, she caused a good laugh every episode. She was just frickin crazy; but I like that.
Would probably be found: trying to cross state lines home to avoid the cops

Aunt Vivian Banks


Aunt Viv was a woman who knew what she was doing and where she wanted to go AND where she wanted her kids to go. She took no nonsense, she danced better than the younger girls, she was a civil rights activist and much much more. Yes, there were two versions of Aunt Viv so we will talk about the first one (the second one was more placid and a bit more of a pushover). Viv welcomed every friend Will brought, spoke sense when her husband had none and knew how to keep her kids on her good side.
Would probably be found: Writing her book on the true life of an African American mother in Bel-Air.

Barbara Royle

Long suffering are the only two words that can be spoken about Barbara. Living with Jim is a full time job and it’s not helped when the only normal child moves away after managing to become successful and you’re left with Denise, a mother so lacking she let her kids microwave their own dinner. Sue deserves a medal for being married to Jim who doesn’t know what kindness is and hasn’t got a loving nature. Thankfully Barbara knows how to hold her own though…sometimes.
Would probably be found: doing the washing up, laundry, having a fag, chatting to her mother, comforting Denise and making Jim’s dinner all at the same time.

Roseanne Conner

I loved when Roseanne was on TV. I actually really really liked that show. Whilst The Conner’s were white trash (hey she said it not me), Roseanne knew exactly when to teach her kids right and wrong. Roseanne herself is extremely realistic as she was bossy, loud, overweight, controlling, happy but loving. She worked hard and loved her kids and husband immensely. Domestic goddess she ain’t but those don’t actually exist anyway.
Would probably be found: drinking beer with husband Dan whilst bitching about the neighbors.

Marge Simpson

I think i’m sensing a bit of a pattern here. To be a mother on TV, one must be long suffering. The award for tireless mother goes to Marge. It’s been said that her and Homer had/are having a trial separation and I get that. Homer is not only one of the stupidest men on TV, he smells, drinks himself into a stupor, has idiot friends nor can he make any kind of good decision. Nearly 30 years later we can remember some of her best moments as the innocent pawn in many a man’s flirtatious game, tireless, fearless, never careless, lonely and just a little bit insane. Being married to Homer will do that to you and being the mother of Bart and Lisa will also do that to you.
Would probably be found: feeding Maggie, doing laundry, ironing and counting the corn on the kitchen curtains.

Linda Belcher

Linda is the singing, dancing, clueless yet endearingly funny mother of Tina, Gene and Louise and wife to Bob. She knows her worth and her talent and doesn’t let Bob’s sourpuss ways get her down. She’s the kind of mother who will do everything the opposite way that you want it done then say it looks better. She’s got a bit of a weak stomach but she loves watching raccoons and her lame to fame is that she was once in a girl band.
Would probably be found: holding karaoke nights in the burger restaurant downstairs

Clair Huxtable

Before Aunt Viv, it was Clair. She was also ‘long-suffering’ but damn did she have it all. Beauty, brains, skills, self worth, elegance. A lawyer and wife to Cliff, let’s not forget she birthed all these babies and made sure they were educated. She had time for each and every one of her children and their children. A firm hand, a loving mother. Clair has it all.
Would probably be found: helping Rudy with her homework whilst schooling Vanessa on why homework needs to be done before the due date and making dinner.

Rochelle (Rock?)

ROCHELLE! ROCHELLE! Yes. Rochelle is one of the best TV mothers on the planet. She was furious, funny, scary, rude and everything in between. She filled the whole spectrum from loving mother to obsessive maniac. Rochelle would never be afraid to beat anyone’s ass. She would beat your ass, your mum’s ass, your gran’s ass, her own ass. She’ll beat anyone. She’s the kind of mother who will hug you and say she loves you then as you walk away ask why you didn’t take [insert tableware here] with you. Did I mention her man has two jobs and she doesn’t need this?
Would probably be found: telling Chris to make food for Drew and Tonya whilst eating her chocolate turtles before running to the hair salon.

If you have any TV matriarchs that you love, let us know!