TWD: The Ones Who Live star responds to brutal character death

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TWD spin-off star responds to character deathAMC

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 5 spoilers follow.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live star Pollyanna McIntosh has responded to her character's untimely death in the miniseries' penultimate episode.

During last night's (March 24) instalment, McIntosh's antagonist Jadis Stokes met an untimely end after being bitten by a zombie before being shot in the head by Rick Grimes in a grisly death sequence.

Speaking about her character's demise in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McIntosh joked that she "sure dies for a long time" while recounting Jadis' final on-screen moments.

"She died by a bed on the head, an axe wound, a car crash, a walker and Rick’s gun," she said. "Yeah. Boy. She sure dies for a long time!"

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Jadis' came in the final moments of a jam-packed penultimate episode, which also saw the unexpected return of Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel.

During multiple flashback scenes Father Gabriel's relationship with Jadis is explored, revealing that Gabriel had become a confidant for the Civic Republic Military officer as she struggled on how to achieve her goals.

The pair's final meeting saw Jadis pull a gun on Father Gabriel, intending to kill him in order to fully separate herself from the past. However she was unable to go through with the killing, with Father Gabriel next seen showing up to their annual meeting, unaware that she's dead.

Speaking about his return to the spin-off series, Gilliam told Entertainment Weekly it was "fantastic" to work alongside McIntosh again, explaining that the scenes "speak volumes to the connection that they actually had."

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"It makes sense to me that he would make this kind of deal with her to just check in and make sure that she was still someone who could live with herself," he said.

It is not yet known whether Father Gabriel will appear in the spin-off's series finale - which is set to air next week - however Gilliam was happy that Jadis didn't pull the trigger on his character in the end.

"I think that Father Gabriel's journey is hopefully not yet done in the universe of The Walking Dead," he said, adding: "But if it were, then those would've been fair enough hands to go out with."

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs on AMC in the US. A UK broadcaster has yet to be confirmed.

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