Vegan suspected drug dealer among UK fugitives hiding in Spain


A vegan suspected drug dealer from Croydon who carries weapons and has a diamond tattoo under his left eye was named as one of a dozen “most wanted” fugitives hiding in Spain.

The National Crime Agency said it believed that Jack Mayle, 30, who it accuses of running a Class A drugs supply line in south London, had fled to the European country to escape law enforcers after being charged.

It described him as “heavily tattooed” with “money never sleeps” among the tattoos on his left hand and figures of warriors and religious figures on horses on his neck.

It said he also has a full back tattoo and “Croydon” inked on his left arm, but might have altered his appearance in an attempt to avoid detection.

He is suspected of working with a dark web drugs supplier and dealing in MDMA and other illegal substances and running a drugs line called “Flavour Quest” in the south of the capital.

Another Londoner, Nana Oppong, from Newham, is also among the 12 fugitives named today by the NCA as believed to be sheltering in Spain.

Oppong, 41, is wanted for the drive-by murder in Essex of grandfather Robert Powell, 50, who was shot eight times with a 9mm pistol in June 2020.

He has links to Marbella with police believing that he and Powell were from rival crime gangs. His identifying features include two circular scars above his right eye, another scar near his navel and small scars on his left hand.

Announcing the appeal to find Mayle, Oppong and the ten other fugitives at an event in Spain with the Spanish security minister and others, the NCA’s director general of operations, Steve Rodhouse, said that he was optimistic about the prospect of capturing the wanted men.

“Spain is not a safe haven,” he said, adding that 86 offenders had been arrested following the last fugitives appeal, including many trying to take refuge in Spain.

“Fugitives usually continue offending while on the run and these men will be known in criminal circles wherever they are,” he said.

“The last thing the fugitives’ associates will want is the combined determination and capabilities of the UK and Spanish law enforcement focusing on them.

“Many of these fugitives will be trying to blend in to the large British communities who have made their homes in Spain, and if you are resident, you may know one of them from your town or village.

“Loyalties change over time and we urge anyone with information about these men to help us find them.”

Rafael Pérez Ruiz, Spain’s security minister, said the aim of today’s appeal was to create “ a hostile environment which impedes criminal organisations from setting up in Spain and criminals from settling in our cities.”

The ten other fugitives in today’s “most wanted” appeal include Callum Halpin, 27, from Manchester, who is wanted for the murder of a drug dealer in Ashton-under-Lyme in a dispute over territory and the attempted murder of another man. Others include Calvin Parris, a 32-year-old cocaine dealer from Cardiff with gold upper teeth.