The twins that were cut in half

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The Twins That Were Cut In Half | BORN DIFFERENT

Formerly conjoined twins have started a YouTube channel to highlight their different personalities and say they are glad they were separated.

Twin sisters Kendra and Maliyah Herrin share an even closer bond than most: the sisters, from Salt Lake City, Utah, were born fused together at the torso, sharing an abdomen, pelvis, liver, kidney, large intestine and two legs.

Kendra and Maliyah remained conjoined until they turned four-years-old, when their parents made the difficult decision to separate them.

The Twins That Were Cut In Half | BORN DIFFERENT

Now 17-years-old, the Herrin sisters live with one leg each and say they are so thankful to their parents for deciding to go through with the surgery.

Maliyah and Kendra may be identical twins but they have different personalities and their YouTube channel has been the perfect place to let their different characters shine.

"If we were kept together, we would never have individual friends, or be able to go out while the other stayed home," the girls wrote on their blog. "So our parents made the decision to separate us."

One school friend, Anabelle, said of the pair in a BBC Three documentary: "They have taught me so much about going through trials and accepting them with grace and bravery."

"To get around, we do different thing to get to different places," says Kendra. "I think we have adapted to it because we have never had two legs.

"Mostly it's little kids who stare but when adults stare at us - they should know not to stare."

"The self esteem that they have blows me away," mum Erin told The Sun. "Lots of people could learn things from them. They take it all in their stride."

Kendra added: "When people first hear our story, they like to ask a lot of questions - but simply we feel like we're the same as everybody else, we just have a few things that are a little different."

While Maliyah agreed: "We are happy that our parents chose to separate us".