Twisters debuts with higher Rotten Tomatoes rating than Twister

glen powell, daisy edgar jones, twisters
Twisters debuts with higher RT rating than TwisterWarner Bros.

Twisters has had its Rotten Tomatoes score revealed ahead of hitting cinemas next week.

The follow-up to the 1996 disaster movie has trumped its predecessor with a critic score of 77% on the review aggregator website — 14% more than Twister's 63% rating at the time of writing this article.

Starring Normal People's Daisy Edgar-Jones, Top Gun: Maverick's Glen Powell and Hamilton star Anthony Ramos, the standalone sequel directed by Minari's Lee Isaac Chung has captivated some critics with its mix of genres and action sequences, making it a satisfying summer watch.

daisy edgar jones, twisters
Warner Bros.

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However, others were less than impressed with the film not doing much to update the lucrative formula that made the original Twister the second highest-grossing movie of 1996.

Set during storm season in Oklahoma, Twisters follows Edgar-Jones' Kate Cooper as she's lured back to the danger zone by her friend Javi (Ramos) with the promise to test a new tornado tracking system. There, she crosses paths with storm-chaser social media superstar Tyler Owens (Powell) as their teams compete against each other whilst tornadoes intensify.

Ahead of the head-butting tornado romance releasing in cinemas on July 17 in the UK and July 19 in the US, here's what critics have made of it so far.

daisy edgarjones, anthony ramos, glen powell, twisters
Universal Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Amblin Entertainment

The Wrap

"For a sequel to a nearly 30-year-old movie, Twisters miraculously stands out against the modern blockbuster landscape. Just like Twister did back in 1996. It's the rare legacy sequel done right."

Entertainment Weekly

"Just about as good as a summer movie gets."

Screen International

"Director Lee Isaac Chung makes the mistake of taking this escapist fare too seriously, which results in a potential blockbuster that looks great on the big screen but rarely exhibits the unbridled gusto of the film's mighty tempests."


"Where the film underserves certain characters, it more than delivers on action. The concept of upgrading a tornado may seem like a strange one, but the sequel pulls it off with visual flourishes that range from terrifying to outrageously good fun."

glen powell, daisy edgar jones, twisters
Warner Bros.

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"Twenty-eight years on from the release of Jan de Bont's Twister, Hollywood's powers-that-be have decided that this lucrative piece of intellectual property should be taken out for another spin, but they haven't done anything surprising with it."


"Much like its predecessor, this rousing and surprisingly romantic gust of multiplex fun spins a strange combination of genres into a conventionally satisfying ride."

The Independent

"Twisters, thankfully, is a sequel that actually remembers the capable, rational scientist heroes of its Nineties predecessor. It suggests Hollywood might finally come to its senses when privileging brawn over genuine smarts and expertise."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Gets the job done in terms of whipping up life-threatening tornadoes that leave a trail of wreckage in their wake. But the extent to which all this is conjured with a digital paintbox lessens the pulse-quickening awe of nature at its most destructive."

Twisters is released in UK cinemas on July 17 and in US cinemas on July 19.

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