‘Twitter’ finally dead as Elon Musk moves site to X.com

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Twitter” as a website is now finally, entirely dead, according to Elon Musk.

The billionaire announced that the site had finally moved its systems to X.com, marking the end of the site’s rebrand to X.

It comes more than two years after Mr Musk started his plan to buy what was then called Twitter, in April 2022. In October of that year, he finally completed the purchase, having been forced to by a US court.

Soon after that deal was done, Mr Musk started rebranding Twitter into X, a letter that he has a strong interest in, changing its paid-for service to X Premium from Twitter Blue, for instance. Twitter also started using the X.com domain.

But for a long time users would still log in on Twitter.com, and share posts with that address.

The change to the new URL is now complete, after beginning in August last year, Mr Musk announced.

Even still, at the time of publication, some posts appeared on Twitter.com address. Results appeared to vary depending on how the site was being accessed and whether users were logged in.

Mr Musk has long been interested in X.com. He first launched a company on that website in 1999, as a financial services company that would eventually merge with PayPal.

He bought the address back in 2017, saying he had done so for sentimental reasons rather than with any clear intention to use it. It remained unused for much of the time since.

When Mr Musk bought Twitter, however, he said that he would rebrand the company X and moved towards using the address once again. That has been part of an attempt to turn it into the “everything app”, which will help with financial services and direct communications – but X.com is still almost entirely focused on being a social network for now.