Twix in hot water over change and fans rage 'why are we putting up with it'

Twix chocolate fans have hit out after noticing a major problem with the confectionery. Reddit users have hit out at Twix for making a subtle change to the chocolate bar, which has left them massively underwhelmed while purchasing the products.

This follows Mars' 2022 announcement that it would be reducing the size of Twix bars in multipacks from 23g to 20g - a cut of roughly 15 per cent. A Mars spokesperson said at the time that the company had been "absorbing the rising costs of raw materials and operations for some time".

They continued: "The growing pressures we are facing mean that more needs to be done," emphasising that the decision was not taken lightly. On Reddit, a fan fumed: "Just had a Twix for the first time in years, it is each finger is literally half the size and thinner than what they used to be.

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"Why are we putting up with being ripped off so easily?" A Redditor replied: "People continue to buy them is why. Would be nice if we had that law France just passed though where they have to advertise when they shrink items."

"Because I don't have time to go stand outside the chocolate factories with a placard saying I want more fingers," a second sniped. Another raged: "Shrinkflation. We had our usual Domino's order in 2024, £20 for 2 medium pizzas. The gap was massive, the time before that was 2008, £17.99 for 2 medium pizza.

"But in 2008, could eat 4 slices. Full. 2 for lunch the next day. 2024, we ate the whole thing eacheasy. Both were 12" but damn, thinner and less toppings. (and before get asked, we are thinner and fitter than in 2008)."

Another said: "I did chose to take action. I simply no longer buy any of the well known brand names for confectionery and snack items, Lidl and Aldi now get virtually all of my trade. Hence no more Cadbury’s, Mcvities, Walkers, and likewise on groceries, I just can’t justify the prices and reduced quality / sizes. Only time I’ll buy, is if I spot items with incredible killer deals on. Likewise if Aldi / Lidl jump up in price on an item, I’ll drop that too. Happened quite a bit in 2023, but some have come back down. Do I feel like I’m missing out? No, not at all."