Two 20C 'mini heatwaves' to hit UK as weather maps show exact dates

UK residents are predicted to experience a 72-hour "mini heatwave" with temperatures peaking at 20C following a week of battling strong winds.

The short-lived spell of high pressure is anticipated to temporarily halt the weather systems travelling in from the Atlantic, which have been causing unsettled conditions. New weather maps suggest another warm spell will return during the following weekend.

Midweek can expect continued blustery conditions before a rise in temperatures beginning today (April 11), according to BBC weather forecaster Helen Willetts who said it's set to feel "warm" over the next 72 hours. She said: "We might see some brighter skies and sunshine coming through before the next source of rain starts to materialise across western parts again.


"But look at the temperatures on Thursday it’s looking mild, in fact warm in strengthening April sunshine. And that milder warmer Atlantic air is within through Thursday and indeed Friday to end the week and perhaps even to start the weekend but not full on as we get some colder air starting to dig in behind it as you can see.

"And so by the weekend or by the end of the weekend it’s a return to slightly cooler weather."

BBC temperature charts show that it could reach 20C on Friday in London, along with 17C in Cardiff and 16C in Belfast. But then for London it will drop to 19C on Saturday and right down to 12C by Monday.

Maps from NetWeather and WXCharts have a similarly mild outlook for sunshine at the end of this week and again for the following weekend. They have temperatures peaking at 19C also in Doncaster, Colchester and Ipswich while it will reach 18C in Norwich, Cambridge, Nottingham, Hull, Bristol, Bolton, Inverness and Fraserburgh.

And then for the following weekend it won't reach the same highs but the mercury could show 16C in the South East of England again while it will be cooler in the north where it could be single figures. The Met Office says of the 72 hours from Thursday to Saturday this week: "Turning drier, albeit rather cloudy, in the south on Thursday and Friday, but remaining changeable in the north.

"Heavy showers, mainly in the north, on Saturday. Turning warmer."

And then over the period from April 14 to 23 it forecasts: "The weather is likely to remain generally unsettled, at least in the north, with the focus for the most persistent rain and showers across north-western parts of the UK. Here, rain could be heavy at times, especially in upland areas, with some snow mainly over high ground.

"This colder, northerly flow will possibly give way to something milder from the Atlantic, but timing on this change is uncertain. Windy spells of weather are also likely, particularly in the north.

"Southern and eastern areas will see some decent spells of drier weather with some good sunshine at times. While some rain is still likely, this less heavy and much less frequent than recently.

"Near average temperatures most likely overall, although some cooler interludes at times, especially in the north."