Two Emmerdale regulars quit village in double exit twist after heartbreaking betrayal

Emmerdale is set for dramatic scenes next week with several villagers left reeling from life events
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Emmerdale has aired a surprise double exit as Nicky Milligan and Suni Sharma left the Dales on Thursday (July 4).

The pair's exit comes as they both face separate family dramas as secrets were exposed. The latest trip to the village kicked off with Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) recovering from a heart attack after she suddenly collapsed is terrifying scenes.

As she lay in her hospital bed, Laurel urged Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) to come clean to Suni the truth about Amit's recent departure from the village and Jai's ruthless plan to take his shares of The HOP.

Fans would recall that Amit (Anil Goutam) tragically ended Rishi Sharma's (Bhasker Patel) life rafter abruptly shoving him down the stairwell. Subsequently, Jai banished Amit from the village insisting that he relinquish any inheritance claims over the HOP to Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana), hence transferring all equity interests solely to him.

But the secret was finally out as Laurel told Suni everything. In a second blow, Laurel also warned Jai that their marriage was over as she couldn't forgive him for his latest mistakes.

Meanwhile, Nicky (Lewis Cope) faced his own disappointment when he discovered that his dad Caleb (William Ash) and mum Ruby (Beth Cordingly) were telling yet more lies to cover up their recent wrongdoing.

When Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) became suspicious over the Miligan family's potential involvement in Ethan's hit and run, Caleb decided to take the blame for the incident rather than let Ruby get into trouble.

Nicky and Suni
Nicky and Suni both had enough of their family drama -Credit:itv

When Caleb and Ruby tried to bring Nicky in on their latest ruse, he finally lost patience and realised that it was time to leave the village with Suni.

Before going, Nicky made a final visit to Charles to clear the air following the chaos of the past few weeks.

Although Nicky had a chance to clarify that Ruby was the hit and run driver rather than Caleb, he chose to keep the truth under wraps.

Nicky and Suni Emmerdale
Nicky and Suni Emmerdale

Before they left, Nicky told his mum: "We need a fresh start, the both of us, away from here and away from my dad especially."

At that moment Caleb interrupted their conversation as Nicky stated he didn't want to hear what his dad had to say.

"We've talked enough, I'm sorry mum", Nicky said as he gave Ruby a hug before the couple got in their car and drove away.

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