Two impressive tall 'pirate' ships to arrive in Plymouth

Two tall ships are arriving in Plymouth next week and in time for the Plymouth Pirates Weekend event. The Galeón Andalucía in an impressive full-size replica of a 17th Century Spanish galleon.

The floating museum will be open each day of the event, on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, for visitors to explore. She will be alongside on the Barbican Landing Stage from Wednesday, May 15.

The visit to the galleon consists of a self-guided walking tour. Once on board, visitors are free to wander its decks, talk to the actual crew members (real sailors living on board), and enjoy dozens of interactive exhibits, videos, projections and historical documents.

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Jon Walton, CEO of Plymouth Waterfront Partnership, said: "We are thrilled that Galeón Andalucía is able to return to Plymouth this year and in time for Plymouth Pirates Weekend!

"She really is quite a sight to see and will provide the perfect backdrop to the hive of pirate themed activity happening in and around the Barbican and Commercial Wharf. We will provide that special welcome that only Plymouth people can! Huge thanks to our sponsors - Barbican Botanics.”

Accompanying Galeón Andalucía this year is the Pascual Flores, an original example of a “pailebote” (Spanish for pilot’s boat) which was dedicated to the export of fruit, salt and general cargo, both in Mediterranean ports and anchorages and on the North and West coasts of Africa. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore this original vessel.

Booking for Galeón Andalucía is available in advance by going here.