Two mini-forests planted across Bath

Two 'mini-forests' and almost 1,000 trees have been planted across Bath since winter in an effort to help the local environment. The 'mini forests' were planted at Oval Park and Stirtingale Park, along with a massive 50 metres of hedgerow at Stirtingale.

More Trees for B&NES and Curo, a local housing association, also planted 125 standalone trees across the city. Senior Arboriculturalist and Contracts Manager Gordon Stuart said: “A huge thank you to all the volunteers, local residents, and Curo colleagues who came along to help with this winter’s planting projects.

"Special thanks also to Bath Building Society and Mallory jewellers for the volunteers and assistance that they gave us. Working as part of community is very important to everyone at Curo, and the tree plantings are a great example of successful community collaborations.”

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Eleven trees were also planted at Whiteway Green Park in honour of the 11 winners at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Community Awards 2023/24. Trees are essential to fighting the climate crisis.

They absorb co2 and offer shelter from the sun under their leaves. They also provide a home for local wildlife, improving biodiversity.

More Trees for B&NES claim to have planted 11,000 trees since 2008. You can find out more about volunteering with them on their website, and donate to their cause online.