Tynemouth candidates for the General Election 2024

A bright and breezy afternoon at Tynemouth Longsands Beach
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Once a rare Conservative stronghold in the North East, Tynemouth has been held by Labour since 1997 after the election of former schoolteacher Alan Campbell.

Now Labour’s chief whip, Sir Alan currently holds a majority of almost 5,000. His opponents will include Lewis Bartoli, a Conservative councillor in Tynemouth, and John Appleby, a retired academic who was the Lib Dem candidate for North of Tyne mayor in 2019. Coun Bartoli is contesting the seat for a second election running, while this will be Mr Appleby’s fourth attempt on the seat.

The Tynemouth constituency has lost the Valley ward to the new Cramlington and Killingworth seat but has gained the Riverside area that used to be in North Tyneside.

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Here are the Tynemouth candidates for the General Election in 2024:

John Appleby - Liberal Democrat

Lewis Bartoli - Conservative

Sir Alan Campbell - Labour

Rosalyn Elliot - Reform

Christopher Greener - Independent

Kelly Oliver Dougall - Party of Women

Mustaque Rahman - Independent

Chloe-Louise Reilly - Green

Adam Thewlis - Heritage Party