Tyrese Rankles ‘The Talk’ Audience With Candid Thoughts on Child Support: ‘Is This Love or Just a Transaction?’ | Video

On Friday, actor and singer Tyrese Gibson visited “The Talk” to discuss his return to music for the first time in nearly a decade, but his candid thoughts on child support ended up eliciting some strong reactions from the audience. Gibson, who released the song “Love Transaction” in 2023, said the song is a reflection of what he’s experienced since his divorce in 2020 and said in part that “there is no such thing as a three-year-old who needs $300,000 a month.”

While speaking about the divorce, Gibson explained the song is about the true nature of some relationships. He said, “Is this love or just a transaction, right, because how—how many more, how many more divorce trials are we going to see where a two-year-old ends up with $300,000 a month? Now I don’t know where y’all from but there is no such thing as a three-year-old who needs $300,000 a month.”

Host Akbar Gbajabiamila introduced Gibson’s single as having “a real Marvin Gaye feel to it” before he asked the singer about “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me,” his single with Lenny Kravitz. Gibson told Gbajabiamila that his divorce was the primary reason he got back into music.

“Unfortunately, I woke up to the most unexpected thing. My wife at the time decided to file for divorce. I still don’t know why to this day, I thought everyone loved chocolate—I guess I was wrong,” Gibson said.

“So, yeah, I have this album that I’ve done. It’s a double album, and the album is entitled ‘Beautiful Pain,’ and I’m talking about how I was able to discover the beauty in my pain,” he continued.

Of Kravitz, Gibson said, “He tapped into his inner ‘Purple Rain,’ it was great” before he explained the degree to which his divorce impacted him. “And then, so, the second single was called ‘Love Transaction’ and it’s because I’m still confused. I mean, we all, I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what your tax bracket is, we’ve all had friendships or relationships to end, and we pull out our human calculator, just trying to add it up.”

“What did I say? What did I do? That can make somebody either do this or … so, just confused, just trying to add it up. It’s not that there’s not real people out here left that actually love someone and believe in love and will take the full journey through it all, but that reality that most relationships—it’s not real love, it’s a transaction,” Gibson concluded.

Gibson and his ex-wife Samantha Lee married in 2017 and divorced in 2020. While speaking on the “Hardly Initiated” podcast in October 2023, Lee said that she wished she had gone about divorcing Gibson differently. “I think we do take divorce very casually. I would never tell a woman to walk through that in the same frame as I was when I did it,” she said.

Lee added, “I was very, very, hurt, I was very angry. I remember when I made the decision I was hysterically crying on the phone with my attorney. I was not in any position to make that decision. I was extremely emotionally intoxicated.”

Gibson responded to Lee’s comments on Instagram Live and accused his ex-wife of trying to get attention. In addition to accusing Lee of trying to reconcile, he added, “Everything about the way you left me was heartless. It was evil. You never considered me, your marriage, let alone your innocent one-year-old year child.”

Watch Gibson’s interview on “The Talk” in the video above.

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