Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk rematch date confirmed after Saudi mega fight

Tyson Fury v Oleksander Usyk
Like London buses... Tyson Fury v Oleksander Usyk 2 has been in the pipeline, even before their bout in May 2024 (Photo by Richard Pelham/Getty Images) -Credit:Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk is one of the most highly-anticipated boxing fights in years, and rightly so as the world will learn of its new outright heavyweight champion.

The winner will revel in their achievement to unite the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight title belts for the first time in 25 years - well, at least for a matter of months. No matter the result of Saturday's bout, the two giants will enter the ring again as part of a clause inserted into their contract.

Typical, when considering how long it took to reach the first fight. Intense discussions between each fighter and their team in early 2023 first broke down, they then took their own paths until an accord was finally struck.

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Anticipated for December last year, that never happened and then weeks out from a set date in February, the 'Gypsy King' was forced to pull out after sustaining a cut in training. Finally - fingers crossed - nothing seems to be getting in the way of this one.

As we eagerly await the start and ultimately the outcome of Fury's latest fight, the Manchester Evening News provides the details of any potential rematch...

Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk rematch situation and date

As already mentioned, regardless of the result in Riyadh this evening, the two fighters will face off again as part of the contract they signed to make this first fight happen. Fury s Usyk 2 will happen as a result of this two-way rematch clause, which means the loser this time around will be eligible to trigger a second showdown.

There is no reason to suggest either would refuse, though there are ways of getting out of such a contract. The first is if either fighter decides to retire following tonight's events - they cannot be forced to take part. In the past it has also been seen that if a first fight has been so one-sided, then any thought of a rematch has just fallen by the wayside.

As for a date, nothing is set in stone. The hopeful Saudi boxing chief His Excellency Turki Alalshikh confirmed that a rematch is likely to go ahead on 12th/13th October 2024, not taking into account exceptional circumstances such as injuries or unforeseen events.

With these two though, nothing is predictable. With such high stakes and the calibre of fight on show here, it seems more likely than not that we'll see Fury v Usyk 2 later in 2024.