U.K. officials: Stop leaving Paddington bears for Queen Elizabeth tribute

Officials in the U.K. are asking mourners to stop leaving non-floral items as tributes, specifically Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches

Video transcript

- I can't be the only one who didn't know that Queen Elizabeth did a cameo with Paddington the Bear. It was actually a surprise comedy sketch for her Platinum Jubilee. People loved it so much that they're now leaving little Paddington Bears and marmalade sandwiches in her memory. And the royal parks are begging everyone to stop.

- I just couldn't resist, I'm sorry. Sorry, Parks. [CHUCKLES] I wanted to reflect the Queen's sense of humor. I always thought that was magical in the way she interacted with people. So I thought Paddington might just last a little bit longer than some of the flowers, so that's why I brought it.