Fake UBC letter urging 'compulsory inspection' of male parts looked authentic enough to cause damage

Fake UBC posting called on male residents, faculty and staff

A fake notice urging “compulsory inspections” of men's intimate parts were found posted on the University of British Columbia’s campus. The scam is now igniting conversation online about taking pranks too far.

The hoax letter states “selected male residents, faculty, and staff will be required to undergo compulsory inspections” followed by a list of criteria.

A photo of the notice appeared on Reddit but has since been deleted. It was printed on what appears to be official letterhead and includes the real phone number and email address of the Student Housing and Community Services main office.

On the reddit post, many leaned into the joke, though others commented that such a hoax could lead to confusion and potentially be dangerous.

“I’m sorry, and downvote me all you want for ruining the game, but this isn’t an okay version of the “let’s all agree to make stuff up to confuse people” trend,” wrote Jjosjjoksjk:

“I’m thinking to of international students who might not know the norms well enough to know it’s a joke. Like, how they get scammed by those ‘you owe the CRA scam calls’,” commented User Resentful_in_Dayton. “When you’re in a new country you just don’t know and this could be upsetting for people.”

“I hope whoever did this is stupid enough to get caught and slapped with misconduct charges,” added Powerful_Ad1445. “ Even expulsion from the institute wouldn't be too far in my opinion.”

A representative from UBC has yet to respond for a request for comment.