Udder Genius: Daisy The Cow's Great Escape

A farmer whose herd of cattle kept escaping each night had a shock when he installed CCTV - only to discover it was an inside job.

By day, Tom Grant drives a tractor. By night, he solves mysteries - mysteries like cows on the move!

He was locking his cattle inside each night but finding them outside each morning.

Tom said: "I was a wee bit suspicious because I thought there was a bit of rustling in the area and that maybe there were boys about during the night trying to steal one of them."

If cattle rustlers were targeting his farm on the Irish border, Tom was determined to catch them.

His brother Vincent mounted surveillance and discovered it was an inside job.

Daisy - that's Daisy the cow - had her captors licked.

She was using her tongue to open the two bars on the gate and lead the herd to freedom.

They were witnessing "udder" genius.

Vincent Grant: "I was amazed. I never saw anything like it before and thought here is a cow with unusual intelligence. It is something to capture on camera."

Daisy has not only mastered the skill of picking locks, she has become an internet sensation.

Pictures of the great escape on the hills of South Armagh are trending on Twitter.

Her owner - a fan of George Orwell's Animal Farm - says it puts paid to the theory that cows are dumb animals. He thinks it is time for more research on the bovine brain.

The jail-breaking heifer is the pride of her herd - a new outlaw in Ulster's so-called 'Bandit Country'.

Few would question her intelligence or skill.

She's just too modest to moo about it.