UFC replaced Conor McGregor for its huge summer fight, and now his future is unknown

conor mcgregor
conor mcgregor

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UFC superstar Conor McGregor made waves last week when he announced a sudden retirement over Twitter.

It was later revealed that McGregor was in a dispute with UFC over promotional efforts for McGregor's highly anticipated rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 200 this July.

McGregor, who was training in Iceland, refused to fly to Las Vegas to do promotional work. After he refused to change his mind, UFC President Dana White announced that the company had pulled McGregor from the fight.

McGregor defended his decision in a scathing statement, clarifying that he's not retired but feels that he needs to focus solely on training.

The two sides seemingly haven't made any progress toward a negotiation. McGregor tweeted on Monday that he was back on the UFC 200 card, but White denied it.

On Wednesday, UFC announced that its featured fight for UFC 200 will be Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones. While it's also an anticipated rematch, it also might spell the end of McGregor's chances of competing at UFC 200. McGregor was supposed to be the featured fight, but he's been pulled from the card, and, according to MMA Junkie's Dann Stupp, Diaz refused to take on another fighter.

McGregor has since had several ominous posts on social media, suggesting that he's unwilling to bend from his position that he doesn't need to do more promotional work.

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Everyone flew in. Respect.
But not everyone up there made the company 400 million in 8 months.

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Eventually, it would seem that UFC and McGregor will need each other. Yahoo's Kevin Iole previously reported that the differences in opinion did not create a broken relationship.

But it remains unknown when either side will make concessions to work together again.

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