UK airport rule 'half scrapped' and passengers say 'it's so much easier'

Another UK airport has 'half scrapped' a rule sparking confusion for passengers. Passengers no longer have to remove their liquids from their hand luggage at Leeds Bradford Airport, where new scanners from the Department for Transport are erected.

Leeds Bradford is one of several UK airports to have the scanners in place. The rule change has been brought in as a result of new scanners being installed up and down the country, amid confusion for holidaymakers and travellers.

Previously, 100ml bottles and electronic equipment had to be placed in a see-through bag to pass through security checks. Now containers must still not exceed 100ml in size, but they can remain in a passenger's luggage.

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The new rules affected the check-in process and each person can carry an unlimited number of bottles, the airport says. Leeds Bradford Airport Chief Executive Vincent Hodder said the alteration came after the government had issued a "change of direction".

He said: "With the new technology that we’ve been permitted, it now means that customers can now leave their electronics and their electrical items in the bag, and they can also leave their liquids in the bag. It avoids that process of having to stop, and have to sort it out separately."

He added: "It also avoids the re-packing at the other end of the security experience." A passenger said: "We just went straight through, it's so much simpler. It just makes travelling a lot easier. It's a great new system." Transport Secretary Mark Harper advised travellers to check airport websites for specific rules before travelling to be clear on what the regulations were.

Mr Harper went on and added: “It's a temporary measure and we’ll set out when that can be reversed in due course." His comments came ahead of the summer getaway season up and down the country.