UK coronavirus death toll rises by 563 to 2,352 in biggest daily jump yet

Jacob Jarvis

A further 563 coronavirus patients in the UK have died in the biggest daily jump yet, according to figures from the Department of Health.

Its latest toll showed a total of 2,352 patients have died in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Tuesday.

That figure was up from 1,789 the day before, with the new total 31 per cent higher than the previous toll.

Meanwhile, there have been at least 29,474 confirmed cases since the outbreak began as of 9am this morning, according to the latest update.

At the same time one week ago there were 9,529 confirmed cases.

Some 152,979 people have been tested.

The Ministry of Justice later announced a total of 69 inmates have tested positive for coronavirus in 25 prisons, as of 5pm on Tuesday.

The figures come while the Government is facing calls to up testing levels, with other countries in Europe having tested hundreds of thousands of citizens.

It is also thought the actual number of people infected could be far higher, due to factors such as some people not being tested despite being ill and others being asymptomatic.

More than 1.7 million online or telephone assessments have identified the person either likely of currently or previously having coronavirus. This figure does not account for individuals as some people may have taken multiple assessments.

Asked about testing earlier, the PM’s spokesman said: “In terms of testing, as you know the NHS and Public Health England are working to increase the capacity.

“Current testing capacity stands at 12,750. On Monday March 30, 8,630 UK tests were carried out.

“A clear instruction has been sent to all NHS hospital trusts that where there is capacity available it should be used on testing frontline staff and we would hope to see that happening.”

Housing and communities secretary Robert Jenrick said this morning the Government hoped testing capacity would be at 25,000 per day by mid-April.

The World Health Organisation has urged countries to "test, test, test".

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