UK Cyber Week 2022: Cyber security influencers – who to follow


This week sees the coming together of many members of the cyber security community for the launch of UK Cyber Week 2022.

With more and more cyber attacks reaching our shores, and organisations spread more widely across the globe, there has never been a more important time to unite.

Cyber security encompasses not just the technology but the processes and controls to maintain and protect networks and handheld devices from the risk of malware, phishing and ransomware. A recent report by Allianz Risk Barometer suggests cyber threats are now the single biggest concern for companies in 2022.

Here are 15 of the top cyber security influencers to follow now.

Jake Moore – Global Cyber Security Advisor at ESET

Jake Moore is a global cyber security advisor at ESET, which is considered one of the largest global companies in cyber.

Follow him on Twitter @Jake_MooreUK

Becky Pinkard – Head of Global Cyber Defence at Vodafone

Becky Pinkard is a regular commentator on cyber security and has been working in the sector since 1996. She is the co-founder of We Empower Diversity in Start ups, a group founded by women in start-ups to promote diversity and inclusion in the sector, and is host of the Cyber Warrior Princess. She has also previously been a board member of the advisory council for the Centre of Internet Security.

Follow her on Twitter @BeckyPinkard

Lisa Forte – Co-founder and Partner at Red Coat Security

Lisa Forte is an expert in running cyber security simulations and training workshops on potential insider threats. Co-founder of Red Goat Cyber Security, she is a great supporter of tech for good, and supports a number of related charities.

Follow her on Twitter @LisaForteUK

Rob May – Managing Director at Ramsac

Rob May is the founder of Ramsac, an IT and cyber consultancy firm. He is a keynote speaker and an ambassador for cyber security for the Institute of Directors, and also sits on the board of advisors for the Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East.

Follow him on Twitter @robmay70

Chani Simms – Data Protection Consultant at Meta Defence Labs

Chani Simms was voted one of the top 50 most influential women in Cyber Security in 2019 and was also the winner of the Women in Information Security leadership awards. Now she is the managing director of Meta Defence Labs.

Follow her on Twitter @ChaniSimms

Bill Mew – EMEA Associate at Einion

Bill Mew is the founder of the Crisis Team, a crisis management company which works alongside key legal experts to help organisations mitigate and protect themselves against data breaches. A former leader at IBM, Bill is a global influencer in this sector and is a judge for the UK Cloud Awards.

Follow him on Twitter @BillMew

James Bore – Director at Bores Consultancy

James Bore, aka the Security Hygienist, helps organisations understand cyber threats by modelling scenarios and supporting internal teams to improve bad habits. James is a Cyber Security tutor and is also the chair of Play Secure.

Follow him on Twitter @PlaySecureConf

Lisa Ventura – Founder of Cyber Security Unit

Lisa Ventura is a top cyber security consultant and founder of the Cyber Security Unity. A supporter of those in the industry suffering from mental health challenges, Lisa is also a mindset and wellbeing coach for the industry.  Lisa sits on a number of boards and the advisory groups to the International Cyber Expo.

Follow her on Twitter @cybergeekgirl

Professor Danny Dresner – Professor of Cyber Security at University of Manchester

Danny Dresner is an academic at the University of Manchester (where he is head of Cyber Security)  and co-founder of the SME benchmark on security governance. Danny is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Cyber Founder group and a fellow of the IISP.

Follow him on Twitter @DanielGDresner

Dr Claudia Natanson – Vice President, Information Security at Accuweather

Dr Claudia Natanson is a cyber security expert with over 15 years of experience. She is currently VP of Information Security at Accuweather an is also chair of the board of trustees for the UK Cyber Security Council. She was awarded an MBE this year.

Follow her on Twitter @accuweather

Stephanie Itimi – CEO at Seidea

Stephanie Itimi is a  PHD research student in information security who founded organisation Seidea with a goal to provide support to over 100,000 black and minority women in gaining access to the cyber security industry. She has been heavily involved in the Africa Business Portal and is also a guest lecturer at Coventry University.

Follow her on Twitter @Seideasi

Joe Tidy – Cyber Security Reporter at BBC News

Joe Tidy is the specialist  BBC news reporter on cyber security and has covered major stories on hacking, internet fraud, privacy and online safety, among other security-related issues.

Follow him on Twitter @joetidy

Graham Cluley – Host of Smashing Security Podcast

Graham Cluley is a blogger, podcast host and keynote speaker in the cyber security industry, where he has worked for two decades.  He has previously worked for major internet companies, including Sophos and McAfee.

Follow him on Twitter @gcluley

Marco Ciappelli – Co-Founder and Creative Director at ITSP Magazine

Marco Ciappelli is the co-founder of the ITSP magazine podcast which focuses on tech and cyber security.  He is also a member of the research team at the Centre of Cyber Security and International Relations and lives in Los Angeles.

Follow him on Twitter @MarcoCiappelli

Christian Toon – Chief Information Security Officer at Pinsent Masons Solicitors

Christian T is a member of the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board and currently is CISO for Pinsent Masons. A change leader and keynote speaker, Christian has developed teams from both large institutions and start-ups to help protect them against cyber threats around the world.

Follow him on Twitter @Pinsent_Masons