UK drivers face being slapped with parking fine due to 'invisible bay' rule

A disabled driver who parks in the same place every day has been slapped with a fine thanks to an "invisible bay". Isobel McCrossan, 67, displayed her blue badge as per usual in Carlton Place in Glasgow in Scotland when she parked up on January 4.

The nurse returned to her car and was horrified to find a ticket had been placed on the windscreen. Despite an appeal Glasgow City Council found that the hard working nurse was parked within the designated bay in the major city north of the border.

Isobel told Glasgow Live: "I parked up where I usually do. The lines are so bad on the bay that I couldn't see the front of it. I have a blue badge so I am entitled to park there. The parking attendant decided to issue me with a ticket because I was over the front of the bay with my wheels.

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"I appealed because the line was impossible to see. "I was told that they were standing by their decision. I then showed it to another parking attendant I know and they said they wouldn't issue a ticket." The 67-year-old said: "I was really annoyed when I saw the ticket.

"I looked at the lines of the bay and was in disbelief that anybody could be fined because of it. I'm retired from the NHS but I work at Glasgow Sheriff Court two hours a week in the cells - I park there a lot and never received a ticket.

"There are loads of cars parked slightly outside the bay. I don't even earn £90 in a week. This is going to cost me two weeks' wages. I've seen people parked on the double yellow lines and avoiding tickets." She went on: "I can't understand why I've got one."