UK drivers given money-saving tip that you might not have thought of

Motorists in the UK have been told how they can save money by parking in the shade this summer. With the onset of hot weather, high temperatures can pose a risk to the batteries inside a vehicle.

Leaving your car out in the sun could cause battery fluid to evaporate, leading to permanent damage. One way of preventing this is by parking in shaded areas where the temperature is cooler, according to James Jackson from Bumper.

Or if that's not possible, another solution is by investing in a sun shield. James said: "High temperatures can be just as detrimental to your car battery as cold weather. When the temperature rises, so does the risk of battery fluid evaporation, which can lead to permanent damage.

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"Monitoring your battery's condition is crucial, especially during heatwaves. The engine bay can become incredibly hot, particularly under the bonnet, where heat accumulates rapidly.

"This stresses the battery, potentially leading to corrosion of the lead plates and reduced efficiency. Regular inspections and keeping the terminals clean are vital preventive measures.

"Parking your car in shaded areas or using sun shields can significantly reduce the internal temperature and protect your engine components. It's a simple yet effective step to prevent overheating and ensure your car remains reliable during hot weather.

"Typically, a car battery lasts three to five years, but exposure to extreme heat can shorten its lifespan. If your battery is older or showing signs of strain, such as difficulty starting the car or dimming lights, it might be time for a replacement before it fails when needed.

"We remind Brits that a proactive approach to car maintenance can save a lot of trouble. Simple steps like checking the battery during routine oil changes and using products like windscreen shields can significantly improve your car's performance during a heatwave."