UK given heatwave update with start date 'pinpointed' and just days away

New maps show weekend temperatures surge as a weather forecaster pinpoints the arrival of a heatwave. Highs of 18C are expected across the country this weekend before highs in the "mid to high 20s" develop in "early May", according to one meteorologist.

Maps from WX Charts, using Met Desk data, show the temperatures soaring as the weather takes an intense turn towards something more pleasant. ExactaWeather forecaster, James Madden, said in an update yesterday: "Beyond the late April period and into early May, we will then see any rain or unsettled conditions becoming less of a feature as temperatures start to rise significantly across our shores over at least a several-day period.

"This could easily see maximum temperatures reaching into the mid- to high-20Cs quite widely in the best of the developing sunshine within this period." Mr Madden was speaking out on the Exacta Weather Facebook page, where he gives daily updates to his readers.

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In an update looking ahead from April 28 to May 9, the Met Office says: "The weekend's rain probably clearing east and northeast to leave a drier day on Monday, although the chance of showers and even thunderstorms remains.

"Cloudier, wetter weather is likely to quickly arrive into the west, and slide east across southern areas early next week, such that the majority of the week will be characterised by wetter weather in southern UK, drier weather in northern, especially northwestern UK, and a chance of rain or even thundery showers for a time in the east."

The forecasters and meteorological team, which defines a UK heatwave as three consecutive days of above-average mercury levels, went on and said: "Temperatures likely to trend upwards, with the chance of a warm to very warm spell in some southern and eastern parts, before conditions probably turn drier, cooler and more settled from the west towards the end of the period."