UK holidaymakers urged to follow 'Monday to Wednesday' flight rule when travelling

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Jetting off this summer? -Credit:Getty

A travel expert has issued a three-day rule that UK holidaymakers are encouraged to follow if they want to save money on their big trip abroad this summer.

Summer is just around the corner and many families will be heading online to check out flights to popular holiday hotspots via the likes of Jet2, Ryanair, easyJet and so on. While these budget airlines tend to hand out plenty of deals throughout the year, one travel expert has told Brits to be wary of a simple three-day rule.

Gavin Lapidus, travel agent and director of multi-centre holiday specialists eShores, has said that Monday to Wednesday is the best time to book a trip abroad due to these days being the most cost effective.

The expert noted that booking flights in advance - say if you are heading abroad at the end of the year - helps people avoid being hit with higher flight prices, reports Birmingham Live.

Gavin also said that passengers should always be double-checking their departure days as flying a day earlier or later can sometimes save people up to 20 per cent off their flights.

Mr Lapidus said: "While there are occasionally good ‘last-minute’ deals on flights and holidays, it’s very dependent on how many seats are left on a flight – there may be none, or demand may be high, so prices can spike closer to the date of travel and you can end up paying more.

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One expert has said that flying on specific days actually is more cost-effective -Credit:Getty

"Last-minute deals do exist and can be great for booking cheap, impromptu trips, but relying on them for a planned holiday is a huge risk that no travel agent would recommend." Gavin said: "December is the last month to get a good deal on these peak dates, as prices will spike even further from January.

"If you’re looking to take a summer holiday during peak school holiday dates, book as early as possible. For long-haul flights, 10-11 months in advance is when you’ll find the cheapest deals, while 8-10 months in advance is best for European trips."

The expert added: "If you’re flexible with your dates, always double-check departure days, as flying a day sooner or later could save you up to 20 per cent."

easyJet's website has a handy feature called the Low Airfare Finder which compares the cheapest flights to various different holiday hotspots from airports near you and gives you the best deal they can find. Check it out here.

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