UK holidaymakers vow to 'never return to Spain' over new £97 rule

A new £97 rule has been introduced in Spain
A new £97 rule has been introduced in Spain -Credit:Getty Images

UK holidaymakers have expressed their frustration over a new £97 rule in Spain, with many stating they 'simply won't go' on holiday there anymore.

The new regulation requires travellers to the country to prove they have sufficient funds for their stay, according to Birmingham Live. This applies to those visiting the mainland, Canary Islands and Balearics.

Visitors are now required to have €113.40 (£97) available each day of their visit. However, Brits have criticised the new rule, claiming it 'shows how desperate they are for our cash'.

Reacting to the new requirement, one UK tourist said: "17 million visitors is a lot of money to the Spanish economy. Another Mediterranean country tried to move away from tourism.", reports the Manchester Evening News.

"They forgot how much tourism contributed to the economy," another agreed. "Anti-British? Holiday elsewhere! The money rule shows how desperate they are for our cash," added another.

"Spain forgets its a poor country ,without tourists they have nothing to sell," commented another. However, one person defended Spain, responding: "A poor country? ? lol... Ranked 15th in the list of countries by GDP, just behind South Korea and Australia. lol."

"Simply don't go and spend your money in the UK or elsewhere instead and those countries will lose out! They will soon put an end to it when they are not receiving any money from British tourism... a while back many of you even took an experimental jab just so you could go on holiday for a week abroad and many suffering now due to doing so or not with us anymore," one person suggested.

"Why not take it to a country where you are welcome and not just your money? Vote with your wallet. Spain will get the message, even if by then you've discovered better places and never return to Spain." another reader proposed.

"This is since Brexit. Nobody going into Spain is generally asked( we had to show proof of accommodation in Latvia but no other country has asked) I have heard that a few people landing in Gibraltar and crossing to Spain have been asked. A credit card and return flight details would be sufficient." another added.

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