UK homeowners warned to unplug their TV, laptop and smartphone tonight to save money

White Uk plug sockets being switched off to save electricity and money for the household.
Experts are urging gadget lovers to switch off devices at night -Credit:Getty

Unplug your TV, laptop and smartphone tonight, warning issued to all UK homes. If you're surrounded by tech in your home, it's wise to consider powering down and unplugging at night.

Turning off gadgets like TVs, laptops, PCs, and coffee makers not only enhances safety but can also lead to significant savings over the course of a year.

This advice comes from the experts at Signal and Power, who highlight that leaving certain devices on can be unexpectedly costly, as well as shortening product lifespan and posing potential hazards.

"Some appliances even when turned off can still draw power not only increasing energy bills but could pose a potential fire risk! ," the team at Signal and Power have warned.

For instance, refraining from charging phones overnight could pocket you an extra £10 annually, while turning off TVs, PCs, and gaming consoles might cut costs by as much as £60 per year, reports the Mirror.

It's also recommended to disconnect laptop chargers when they're not in use since they can continue to consume electricity even if the laptop isn't attached. "Laptop chargers can draw a small amount of power even when not connected to a laptop. Overheating or malfunctioning can also be a fire hazard. Unplugging could save £5-£10," Jae Ro from Plug Specialists, Signal and Power, has advised.

Coffee makers are another appliance to keep an eye on. Detaching these beloved devices from the socket not only trims your bill but can also prolong their functionality.

"Many coffee makers have a small internal heater that consumes electricity even when the machine is off," Ro advised.

Extension cord, close up.
Just don't ever unplug your Wi-Fi -Credit:Getty

"Faulty components can also lead to a fire hazard. If you unplug them at night you could save around £10-£15 per year. Unplugging can also help protect them from power surges or fluctuations, extending their lifespan".

While it's beneficial in saving a few quid and avoiding unnecessary energy wastage to switch your appliances off, this principle should not apply to your broadband router.

Something that is critical to note is that your Wi-Fi kit needs to be operating around the clock to avoid any potential network disruptions or slowdowns. Crucial updates are usually rolled out by Internet Service Providers during the graveyard hours, all of which won't run effectively if your router is powered off.

Moreover, continuously turning your router on and off can give your ISP a false signal that there might be an issue with your line. To prevent a total network blackout, firms might put emergency speed restrictions in place, resulting in sluggish internet speeds whilst nothing actually being physically wrong with your broadband.

"Constantly switching off the hub makes the line look unstable, meaning that your speed may be automatically reduced to improve the reliability of your broadband connection," as BT clarifies on its support pages.

Turning off your router might save you some energy each night, but it could potentially harm your broadband connection.

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