UK households with a garden warned not to cut grass until 'next weekend'

David Attenborough has warned people with a garden not to mow the grass until next weekend. The BBC star spoke out as the summer months continue, with the legendary wildlife documentary maker explaining how gardeners should refrain.

He said: "Nowhere here is richer in wildflowers and insect pollinators than our traditional hay meadows. Sadly, in the last 60 years, we've lost 97% of this precious habitat. But with nature friendly farming, meadows can be restored to provide a haven for wildlife.

"It's all about the timing. Delaying mowing until mid-July allows birds and insects to complete their breeding and flowers to set their seed." It comes as BBC Gardeners World star Monty Don has also shared guidance on when to mow grass.

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"All Spring-flowering bulbs should have completely died back so that long grass can be cut without affecting their display next year. At Longmeadow we often wait until August to do this because not all wild flowers have set seed, but by the end of July most wild flower meadows can be safely cut back," he said.

"The important thing is to removed all the grass, raking up every last piece to compost so that it will not enrich the grass and thus limit next year’s wild flower display." When mowing your lawn for the first time, it's important to gather the clippings and add them to the compost heap to prevent them from enriching the soil. Neglecting this vital step can lead to the growth of thicker, coarser grass, which may un-do all your hard work.

The gardening expert and BBC TV star further advised on the plants that should be pruned in June for optimal care. He emphasized that wisteria requires pruning during this month to ensure the flowers reappear and bloom more beautifully than in previous years.