UK sees world's fourth-highest rise in coronavirus cases, says World Health Organisation

Emily Lawford
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AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

The UK has the fourth-highest rise of coronavirus cases in the world, a World Health Organisation doctor has said.

Dr Margaret Harris told BBC Radio 4’s World At One programme: “You are certainly not on your own.

“We are seeing very, very large outbreaks around the world – only last week India led the number of new cases, 504,000, followed by the US with 327,000 and then Brazil.

“But the United Kingdom is number four and what we are seeing is that, in Europe particularly, in more and more countries we’re seeing a bigger change in the number of cases.”

When asked how the UK compared to other European nations, Dr Harris said: “The UK recorded 110,827 to us last week and France reported 110,065 – you’re essentially on parity with France at the moment.

“Russia also recorded a large number, as did Spain but we’re seeing upticks in many countries across Europe, particularly as I said in France and Spain but also we’ve seen changes in Italy and more of the eastern European countries.”

Yesterday the UK recorded 12,872 more Covid-19 cases, and 65 new deaths from the virus.

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