UK set for final snow of year and 'venomous' -2C blast from Arctic

The UK is set for the final snow of the year with a -2C Arctic snap - as thunderstorms hammer England. The dramatic weather shift has seen the Met Office warn there is a chance of the 12th storm of the season­, which would be named Lilian.

Forecasters have warned storms could prove "venomous" with WX Charts, using Met Desk, showing flurries of snow in parts of the country - albeit at elevated levels - as the mercury dips beneath zero in a April and May sub-zero freeze.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: "An area of low pressure is likely to deepen somewhere towards the southwest of the UK as we go through Friday. There is a reasonable chance that this low will clear away towards the south.

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"But some models want it to come back up towards the UK as we go into the weekend, and if this happens, then that would bring some heavy rain spreading up from the south and also some strong winds, so a pretty unsettled weekend to come.

"But, there is some uncertainty because the models all want to do slightly different things." Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “This system is looks unnaturally deep for the time of year and could be fairly venomous when it comes in off the Atlantic on Saturday and through Sunday.

“It is looking like a pretty ropey weekend, with heavy showers and gales which, at the moment, look like hitting southern regions while the north escapes the worst of it.” According to GB News, he added: “This looks deep enough to warrant another storm name, though it may end up being named by the French meteorological service due to its southerly path, so this is something that we are keeping our eyes on.”