UK set for first proper heatwave of 2024 and it has 'potential to be extreme'

The first heatwave of the year has the potential to be "extreme" - and could hit in late June - according to a forecaster. Exacta Weather's outlook says people in the UK are set to experience a much warmer July than average this year.

The report added: “Our several weeks in advance summer 2024 forecast has been repeatedly seeing and portraying a much warmer than average July for this year, with the ever-increasing risk for some kind of heat dome scenario or super heatwave to develop within this same period.

“Additionally, we do now have some support for our own and long-term projections for July from elsewhere, and the current CFS runs have since swung around to this potentially prolonged and very hot idea within their last three model updates for in and around 6th and 7th July onwards.

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“More to follow on this in the coming days and weeks…” James Madden added: "The latest GFS run is now showing some very dominant high pressure and what would be potentially extreme temperatures during late June! #Wow."

On the BBC Weather outlook page, the team says: "Conditions will remain rather unsettled across the UK for a time with temperatures below the seasonal average. However, there is still a chance of summer conditions developing later in June."

It adds of June 24 to June 30: "In the last week of June, there are increasing signs that high pressure will build up near or over parts of the UK, after initially rather changeable conditions in some parts. This increases the likelihood of somewhat drier and calmer weather developing, with temperatures recovering. There is even a chance that warm summery conditions could spread further as the week progresses.

"However, the main risk remains that low pressure systems near Iceland will blanket larger parts, or at least Scotland and Northern Ireland, with slightly wetter and slightly cooler conditions."