UK set for four-day heatwave and it'll kick off next week with 22C scorcher

A UK heatwave lasting as long as FOUR DAYS could hit the UK from early May. Next week - May 3, Friday - could see the temperatures skyrocket north and upward, achieving a sweltering 22C for several days until the following May Day Bank Holiday, May 6.

The maps and charts have been predicted by WX Charts, showing lows of 18C in the UK and highs well into the early and mid twenties across the first weekend of the fifth month of the year. Weather expert Jim Dale, whose book Surviving Extreme Weather: The Complete Climate Change Preparedness Manual is out this week, has given his view.

Speaking out this week, ahead of April concluding, Mr Dale told Britain was "overdue" a period of sunny weather. Mr Dale said:- "It may not last, but will be welcome if it evolves as currently seen. Temperatures will be ranging from 18-22C, with room yet for higher.

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"The rains and cooler temperatures may have been a blessing in disguise as we push on into summer." On Exacta Weather, forecaster James Madden said: "In addition to this, our early projections and some strong forecast indicators hint at a potentially warm to hot month for June and to kick off summer 2024 this year.

"Further details are to follow shortly, and I have also been away on holiday this last week and will return with more regular updates and new website updates shortly." Looking ahead from April 27 to May 3, the Met Office forecast says: "An uncertain start to the period though likely unsettled as a frontal system pushes into southern areas and possibly across the UK through the weekend.

"Beyond this low pressure patterns becoming more dominant than of late with wet weather perhaps more likely to develop in parts of the south and east, with western and especially northern areas hanging on to the best of any drier interludes, though all parts are may see some rain at times."