The UK is set for a mini heatwave next week

Warm weather is on the way… (/PA via AP)
Warm weather is on the way… (/PA via AP)

Britain is set for a sweltering mini-heatwave next week, with temperatures expected to peak at a staggering 30C.

After experiencing balmy climes at the end of last month, The Met Office claims that Britain will finish in similar fashion.

DespParts of the country will see temperatures peak at 30C, while the mini-heatwave should mean that 2018 will see the hottest June on record for 42 years.

Although we’re told not to expect a particularly warm weekend, temperatures will gradually increase – with 19C on Sunday ahead of next week’s heatwave.

In some parts of the South East, temperatures are expected to peak at 30C, with a sweltering 26C expected to hit London on both Monday and Tuesday.

A woman walks her dog in the sunshine in St James Park, London, (REUTERS/Hannah Mckay)
A woman walks her dog in the sunshine in St James Park, London, (REUTERS/Hannah Mckay)

It’ll be a similar story in other parts of the country too, with highs of 24 and 25 degrees expected in Manchester and Liverpool.

A Weather Channel forecaster said: ‘High pressure will start to build from the eastern Atlantic through the first half of this week, becoming centred across northern central mainland Europe by midweek.

‘This will result in well above normal temperatures across the south-east of the British Isles and across mainland Europe by Wednesday.

‘Maximums of between 25C and 28C – which is 3-6C higher than usual – are expected in the south-east.

‘On Thursday and into Friday, low pressure will be centred across Scandinavia, with high pressure building across the west of the British Isles.

‘This will lead to a cooler north to north-westerly flow. As a result, temperatures will start to decrease closer to normal.’

And with that, it’s officially time to dust off the BBQ once more…