UK smoking ban ditched with new rules abandoned before General Election

The UK smoking ban has been ditched as the Conservative Party is forced to prioritise policies ahead of the General Election. The Tobacco and Vapes Bill would've seen people born in or after 2009 banned from ever legally being able to buy ciggies.

It won't make it through the Commons before parliament shuts down ahead of the imminent election on July 4, though. Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt insisted it was "supported by a large number of people" as he confirmed it was being SHELVED by Tories

She said: "It is clearly something that the Prime Minister also feels very passionately about." Speaking to the BBC in Wales, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak - who yesterday declared the election for July - declined to say whether the bill would be included.

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"I will do everything I can to move these things forward, but it is dependent on the co-operation of other parties," he added. Ms Mordaunt also failed to mention the football governance bill, which would establish an independent regulator, or the renters’ reform bill, which was expected to pave the way for an end to no-fault evictions.

She included the bills enabling compensation to be paid to the victims of the contaminated blood scandal, and for post office operators caught up in the Horizon IT scandal to be exonerated. Ms Mordaunt gave assurances to victims of the infected blood scandal that “this government stands by the commitments made earlier this week”.

She added: “There is a clear desire across the house to ensure that legislation to compensate those who have been infected and affected as a result of this scandal is passed and it will be done so on a cross-party basis.” She added: “I want to give this government’s commitment to those victims that subject to both houses, which I am sure we will receive, the legislation to quash the convictions of those sentenced will be secured before the house prorogues.

“If I can deviate from my script briefly, we will not leave this place until we have done our duty by those people.” She said: “Other bills are going through discussions about remaining business which will be done on a cross-party basis, and it is common practice during wash-up that negotiations will be ongoing and we will hope to update the house on further business.”