When will the UK’s summer weather improve?

The UK has been experiencing temperatures three to five degrees below the season average over the past week

weather People walk across Millennium Bridge, central London. Picture date: Friday June 7, 2024. (Photo by James Manning/PA Images via Getty Images)
People walk across the Millennium Bridge in central London with the cooler weather showing little sign of dissipating in June. (PA)

Britons holding out for summer sunshine will have to wait a bit longer. Even though we are well into June, there is no sign of the cool, sometimes wet weather dissipating from the UK.

The country has been experiencing temperatures 3-5C below the season average over the past week, forecasters said.

This is because a mid-Atlantic jet stream – a fast-moving wind in the atmosphere – is guiding wind from the north to the south over the UK, resulting in lower temperatures.

So when will conditions improve?

According to meteorologists, there is no sign of better weather until the end of June.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “It looks as if temperatures will stay near or slightly below average for the majority of the rest of June.

“Over the next couple of nights we’re actually expecting to see a little bit of frost in a few places. This will mainly be across Scotland and possibly into northern England and Northern Ireland, where temperatures could get down to around freezing.”

But Partridge clarified that such patterns are “not unusual”.

He said: “On average we get an air frost, which is when the temperatures reach zero, every two to three Junes. So it’s not that unusual. It’s just not the norm for June to be this cool.”

Despite the seemingly endless rain, June hasn't been any wetter than average, although the Met Office warned this could change.

"Summer rainfall patterns mean the differences from average can change quite quickly," spokesperson Stephen Dixon told Yahoo News UK this week.

This summer looks likely to continue to be wet. (Alamy/PA)
This summer looks likely to continue to be wet. (Alamy/PA)

"At this point in June you’d expect the UK to be at 30% of its average rainfall for the whole month and we’re currently at 21%.

"So we’re a little drier than average so far in the month, but there’s over half of the month still to go and a forecast for more rain on the way."

Last month, the Met Office dismissed reports there would be up to 50 days of rain this summer, which would be close to the record of 55 days set more than 100 years ago in 1912.

The Met Office has consistently ruled out predictions of a heatwave from independent forecasters this summer, and has been proven correct on each occasion.

For example, earlier this month some weather services were predicting highs of 28C on Thursday, when the temperature is now looking unlikely to get above 16C.

Dixon told Yahoo News UK: "There are no signals for a heatwave in the current forecast."

The Met Office says the UK heatwave threshold is met when a location records a period of "at least three consecutive days" with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding the heatwave temperature threshold. The threshold ranges from 25C in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to 28C in London and parts of the south and south east of England.

Dixon said: "The weather may have felt somewhat unsettled so far due to the northerly airflow which has developed in recent days, which is subduing temperatures somewhat with a cool pool of air over the UK."

Whether things change later in June and into July and the UK finally enjoys a proper summer remains to be seen, but the signs over the coming weeks are ominous.