UK tourists in Benidorm issue warning to Brits and it's 'like the early 1990s'

UK tourists have gushed over the cheap pints in Benidorm - warning Brits heading to the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands to switch hotspots. Benidorm-goers have praised 84p pints and said it is like "being back in the early 1990s".

Speaking out to the Sun newspaper over their summer holidays to the European Union, Benidorm fans have praised the holiday location. "Darren had about six - he said it’s like prices back in the early 90s," one Brit said.

"The pints are probably the best in Benidorm [because] they don’t go flat like [in] other bars. It tasted good, [we’d] rate it a 10 out of 10." On Reddit, a Brit said: "Basically full of English expats wanting cheap beer and cheap nightlife. Not exactly world class sophistication but if youre about the partying n stuff like that then go for it."

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"Been there plenty of times, from family holidays to hen do’s. Depends what you are looking for but I think it’s a great place no matter your age. Things to do for everyone," another said. "I worked in Benidorm for about 8 weeks for a tour operator and have had 4 holidays there, one when I was a kid- so I know it quite well. The beaches are clean and very beautiful , poniente in the old town and levante in the new town," another typed.

"The nightlife is great, something for everyone- there are cocktail bars, sports pubs selling cheap beer, nightclubs for those wanting a dance, family friendly taverns with entertainment and tribute acts etc. Literally hundreds of places to drink or socialise."

"Went there this June, Wanted to see the sights of my favourite show. The show is spot on about the brits there.. Walked up and down the promenade and to where Mel shop was supposed to be... Enjoyed it.." another commented.

"The beer is cheap but good, and it's exactly the same with the food," another said.