UK tourists in Canada issued 'challenging' warning and told 'it mounts quickly'

An expat has shared four key things Brit expats need to know if they're venturing over to North America for a new life. After Canada was voted and ranked the best place for expats to move to, an expat has shared key things to know about Vancouver.

Canada is deemed one of the most desirable countries to move to, according to a new study. Alex, an expat who relocated to Vancouver from Manchester, England, in 2023 has offered advice to anyone considering the move.

“Since moving to Vancouver, my lifestyle has become much more focused on outdoor activities," the expat explained. “There is a lot more sunshine than in a typical English summer, which is great, and it means you can enjoy the stunning scenery, hike around mountains, lakes, and trails or sit on a beach or on a bar’s outdoor patio enjoying the weather."

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“People in the city are very active, and it’s infectious - I started running after the move, tried surfing, and learned to ski in winter because some of the world’s best mountains for skiing are so close!” he said. “While I enjoy the outdoor activities, I do miss my old community and the irreplaceable connections with friends and family," the expat said.

"Adjusting to a new social circle can be challenging despite the exciting lifestyle changes.” He went on: “Living in Vancouver comes with its challenges, notably the high cost of living." And Alex continued, speaking out to explain: "Expenses can mount quickly and budgeting becomes crucial as money might not stretch as far as it did back home.

“Moving to Vancouver has enriched my life with outdoor adventures and new experiences, yet weighing these against the emotional and financial considerations of leaving behind a familiar community and adjusting to the higher cost of living is essential.”