UK tourists face being 'held at airport for questioning' over passport mistake

A little-known passport mistake that could see you turned away from your flight has been revealed. If authorities at airports while you fly away for summer are concerned about the validity of your passport, you could be held at the airport for further questioning.

That's even if you’ve already landed at your destination. “A passport is your gateway to the world, and even a little damage can result in complications at airport check-in desks,” warns Gavin Lapidus, Director of eShores, ahead of the summer season.

eShores is "a team of leading travel consultants that plan bespoke holidays." Gavin went on and said: “Most passports last ten years, during which they can expect some wear and tear. When travelling, your passport is checked for damage, tampering, and validity, with damaged documents facing rejection, putting an end to your holiday.”

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Responding to the warning, a Brit said: "All quite hilarious when you think about it. Photographed, finger-printed, and subjected to Orwellian scrutiny., and prevented from travelling if there's a tiny hitch with your passport, but if you land at Dover without any identification whatsoever, you're free to enter and go where you wish."

A spokesperson from Travelbag told Chronicle Live: "If your passport has been damaged by any of the above issues you need to replace your passport immediately before travelling. You may think the damage is minor, but due to the way passports are made securely for security and safety there may be more damage than you think which can lead to being refused travel.

"For peace of mind, it’s recommended to keep your passport well hidden and out of sight so it can stay as pristine as possible so you don’t run into any of these issues when travelling." Nobody wants their holiday ruined by a passport error, after all.